"The future of Wrothgar is uncertain. I see dark clouds on the horizon. Do you hear the thunder?"

Lilyameh is a Redguard priest located in Skalar's Hostel in the city of Orsinium.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Heresy of Ignorance

"The Worm Cult threatens to sweep over Wrothgar like an ill wind, bearing horror, disease, and death. You must face the storm and call down the thunder."

I'm here to help. "Good. I welcome any assistance you might provide. Molag Bal's minions must be stopped."
So, how do we stop them? "The cultists conduct their foul rites near ancient obelisks scattered throughout Wrothgar. The obelisks' origins are a mystery to me―shrouded by Molag Bal's sorcery. What matters is they value these pillars. Mar the stones and disrupt the rituals."
And you want me to kill Zandadunoz the Reborn as well? "If only such a thing were possible. Zandadunoz is immortal. We can only hope that by destroying his physical form we will break the Worm Cult's hold on Wrothgar for a time. This could set them back days, weeks, perhaps years. It is difficult to say."

At the end of the quest:

"The winds sigh in relief. I trust that you bring good news?"

Yes, I disrupted the obelisks and destroyed Zandadunoz the Reborn. "Tava bless you, my child. I shudder at the thought of what that beast and his minions could have done. You have my thanks and my blessing. I trust that Tava's winds will steer you back here when the time is right. For now, go in peace."

After completing "Heresy of Ignorance:"

"Wrothgar's people are safe from the Worm Cult, for now. But the threat will return―it always does. When it does, I am certain that you will rise to defeat it."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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