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A Limeware Cup is a rare and valuable example of Dwarven limeware[1] on Vvardenfell, imported by the East Empire Company through the harbor of Ebonheart.

Trade[edit | edit source]

Trade restrictions[2] on certain exotic items including all sorts of Dwarven limeware have made it difficult to buy and sell limeware cups at all. Anybody willing to trade with this merchandise needs a trading license granted by the East Empire Company.[3] To obtain such a license seems to be difficult. According to Alarvyne Indalas, a trader of glasswork and pottery in Vivec City, this is because of the manipulation of the East Empire Company member Bolrin.

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Liberate the Limeware[edit | edit source]

Due to the trade restrictions the merchant Alarvyne Indalas has run short of Dwarven limeware to sell in her store. She asks the Nerevarine to steal the wares from a shipment in Ebonheart. Apart from five limeware bowls, the same number of limeware cups in the belly of the ship Chun-Ook are subject to this theft.

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