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Lindai is an Ayleid Ruin in the Great Forest located east of Chorrol and north of The Black Road. Only with a key given by Herminia Cinna can it be explored to the fullest.


This two leveled ruin is filled with Ayleid traps on the first level and it begins with a blades trap after entering the ruin. The next room with gas traps leads to a large room. This room has three false floor traps. Two of them with spikes and the third in the middle with no spikes. Standing on the middle, the Hero can reach a release button to open a secret room below.

The Ayleid Crown of Lindai can be found on the second level. Throughout the ruin there are Ayleid chests and containers with various minor loot such as potions, GoldIcon and smaller items.


  • Lindai
  • Lindai Inner Tombs

Notable itemsEdit


Secrets of the AyleidsEdit

Lord Umbacano asks the Hero to retrieve the Crown of the Ayleids the Crown of Nenalata from Herminia Cinna. Cinna lives in the Elven Gardens District, but one can find her in Green Emperor Way too.


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