Not to be confused with Linilwe.

Linwe is an Altmer and leader of a rival guild to the Thieves Guild, called the Summerset Shadows.


The Dragonborn is informed that Linwe takes an interest in stealing from the dead. He apparently does not kill his marks; rather, he raids Halls of the Dead and steals from corpses.

He wears a set of armor that is similar in appearance to that of Vipir, Tonilia, Thrynn, and Sapphire's armor. Unlike the rest of the Summerset Shadows, who are wearing armor alike to the Thieves Guild Armor, his armor may be looted. The armor is a unique set, as it is labeled with his name. It is almost identical to the Blackguard's Armor.


Summerset ShadowsEdit

Linwe must be killed and Fjotli's Silver Locket must be retrieved from his corpse.

Notable itemsEdit


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  •  PC   360   PS3   A possible Radiant quest is to kill the Bandit leader at Uttering Hills Cave. The quest marker points to Linwe, dead or alive, and if he was killed previously, the quest cannot be completed.
    • A possible fix is to use the console: open console, click on his body and type "resurrect." Kill him and the quest will progress.
    • Another fix is to open the console command and type "c5688.kill." The quest will then proceed as normal.


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