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"In the language of the Ayleids, the name of this ruin translates as "Soapstone Delve," but the locals around Chorrol know it as the Elf Haunts, and keep away from it."
―Lipsand Tarn Loading Screen[src]

Lipsand Tarn is a delve in the province of Cyrodiil. It is located northeast of the Temple of Alma Ruma, on the other side of the wall.



The quest is one of the ten daily quests that are given by either Lliae the Quick in Chorrol or by Mael in Weynon Priory, this one is given from Mael. Two villagers from Weynon were captured and killed by the Bloodborn Vampires in Lipsand Tarn. Mael believes that the two villagers would turn into Bloodfiends and need to be destroyed before they become a Bloodfiend. After completing the task, report back to Mael to receive the Chorrol Weynon Priory Reward Container.

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