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Lis is a tamed Frostbite Spider who belongs to the Dark Brotherhood, and resides in a spider nest within the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath Hold.


Destroy the Dark Brotherhood![]

Lis will attack the Dragonborn on sight during the latter's assault, by orders of Commander Maro, on the Sanctuary. However, killing Lis during the quest is not compulsory.

Death Incarnate[]

Lis is killed during the attack on the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary by the Penitus Oculatus Agents.


  • In the small pond in the nest are the skeletal remains of a person named Gaston Bellefort, who was killed by the Dark Brotherhood and fed to Lis.
  • The Dragonborn will not be attacked by the Dark Brotherhood members if they sneak while killing Lis.
  • If Lis is killed before Death Incarnate, its dead body will re-appear during the Penitus Oculatus' assault on the Sanctuary. In addition to this, Lis can be looted once more. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • If a Fury spell is cast on Lis, the other members of the Dark Brotherhood will kill it without being hostile to the Dragonborn.