Lisbet's Dibella Statue is a miscellaneous quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is identical in appearance to the standard Dibella Statue, but is unique as it is involved in the quest "Dibella's Shine" given by Lisbet.


The statue can be found in a radiant location such as Damphall Mine, Bruca's Leap Redoubt, Deepwood Redoubt, or other similar Forsworn camps.


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  • The statue remains a quest item once it has been given to her. If taken back from her by any means, it cannot be removed from the inventory.
  •  PC   Use the console command by pressing the tilde key (~), then type player.removeitem 0008F997 1 to remove the statue from the inventory. The item ID can be checked using player.showinventory. If the player.removeitem command does not work, use player.drop to drop it. If all else fails, use SetStage FreeformMarkarthE 20 to complete the quest.
  • It is possible for Lisbet to die during the Forsworn attack; if this occurs, it will be impossible to finish the quest or get rid of the statue.


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