"The Mad Alchemist? Do they really call me that? No? Well, they should. I think the title suits me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dose myself with a few tinctures and concoctions—purely for scientific purposes, you understand."

Lithindur is an Altmer member of the Thieves Guild found in the Thieves Den in the Bazaar District of Abah's Landing, Hew's Bane.


"Yes, yes, I hid from the Iron Wheel. Everyone in a position of power did exactly the same thing. But I'm back now, aren't I? I am an expert in the subtle application of alchemy. My contributions work best when no one knows I've provided them."

What's your role in the guild? "Depends who you ask. Since Velsa retired, I've been the guild's alchemist. Oh, I guess you could say I took a break after the Iron Wheel began their persecutions, but I returned as soon as Zeira gave the word."
Alchemy's a broad subject. What's your specialty? "Poisons and toxins, for the most part. I also dabble in mind-altering substances. I do so enjoy having my mind altered! It's all a matter of subtlety. A pinch of this or splash of that can solve most problems, I've found, and with less bother."
What took you so long to make it back here? "I was so discouraged when I heard what happened to Nicolas and the others that I spent a good deal of time pleasantly inebriated. We all handle grief in our own ways, after all. As soon as Zeira contacted me, I packed my kit and hurried back."
What do you think we should do about the Iron Wheel? "Interfering foreign bastards! They have no business in Abah's Landing! If I had my way, I'd slip a vial of poison into the chief inspector's tea and be done with the matter. Zeira says that's not he way we do things. More's the pity."


  • "Velsa was a true professional. Never even had a desire to sample her own wares. I, on the other hand, have no restraint whatsoever. Besides, what doesn't kill us outright is sure to make us stronger. I do believe I read that in a book or something."


  • Lithindur re-joins the Thieves Guild after quest "Forever Hold Your Peace" has been completed.
  • Lithindur calls himself "The Mad Alchemist," and mentions dosing himself with potions for scientific purposes, a small play on the term "mad scientist."
  • Lithindur quotes Friedrich Nietzsche's statement; "what doesn't kill makes stronger."


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