"I just couldn't help it. I ran! I'm sorry."
―Littrek Earth-Turner[src]

Littrek Earth-Turner is a Nord of the Earth-Turner family. He was forced to flee his home in Bleakrock Village with the rest of the residents when Daggerfall Covenant forces ransacked the place.

Once he reached the safety of Bal Foyen, he joined the Ebonheart Pact like many of the other refugees.


Sparking the FlameEdit

Zeren in PerilEdit

Littrek, along with his father, Denskar Earth-Turner, will be present in the battle for Fort Zeren.


Zeren in Peril
  • "Father and I are training hard. I think we'll be ready." – Before the battle
  • "I did it! I gutted one of those bastards just as he was stepping out of a portal. We won!" – After aiding him
  • "I did it! I gutted one of those fools just as he was going for Father. We won!" – After the battle




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