Littrek Earth-Turner is a Nord in The Elder Scrolls Online who is the son of Aera and Denskar Earth-Turners, and he has one sister, Trynhild. He was forced to flee his home in Bleakrock Village with the rest of the residents when Daggerfall Covenant forces ransacked the place.

Once he reached the safety of Bal Foyen, he joined the Ebonheart Pact like many of the other refugees.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Before "Sparking the Flame"

"I've got a lot of work to do"
"Are the pigs keeping you busy" "It's not the pigs. I love the pigs. they're like Messy kids.
It's all the other work I do around here. And for what? look at this place! Nothing grows here"

Then why do you live here?" "Ask myself that every night as I lie in the loft. Life's got to be better in Windhelm or Riften.
Just a couple of seasons, and I'm leaving. Father can hire some help."

Sparking the Flame

hiding in a barn during the Daggerfall Covenant raid:
"I just couldn't help it.
I ran! I'm sorry."

"You're going to be safe. Quickly, run to the tomb!" "Kyne protect me! Thank you. I'll go"

at the mouth of Last Rest:
"They're dead. Everybody's dead, Littrek. Everybody's dead"

After Escape from Bleakrock in Dhalmora

"I've never trained with a sword before. Do you think I could just use a wood ax?"


"Father and I are training hard. I think we'll be ready."

Zeren in Peril

If helping Darj the Hunter at the fort Littrek and his father will survive but his sisterwill not; however if Captain Rana is assisted at the docks both will perish but Trynhild Earth-Turner will survive.

after aiding Littrek:

"I did it! I gutted one of those bastards just as he was stepping out of a portal. We won!"

at Fort Zeren afterwards:

"I did it! I gutted one of those fools just as he was going for Father. We won!"

Davon's Watch Funeral procession

"I've been praying for Trynhild, telling her about the victory at the fort.
I think she'd be proud of me"

after the procession, Littrek can be found in Ebonheart along with other veterans of Zeren in Peril. He is sparing with Denskar Earth-Turner.


"Amazing, how these warriors handle themselves. I thin we could learn a lot frm them. If father would let us"

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