"Once thought to be distant cousins of the Argonian, it was soon evident that these lizardmen had nothing human within them whatsoever. They are a race of carnivorous reptiles, whose use of language stretches only far enough to communicate the location of their prey to the rest of the hunting party, which then moves to attack and feed."
―Official Arena Player's Guide.[UL 1]

Lizard Men are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Lizard Man

Lizard Man as seen on Official Arena Player's Guide.

Strength 70
Intelligence 30
Willpower 40
Agility 60
Speed 70
Endurance 60
Personality 30
Luck 50

Lizard Men are green, reptilian, and hostile creatures. Even if their names suggests they are men, these animals have no relation with men, Argonians, nor any civilized race of Tamriel.

When fighting, Lizard Men can use swords and shields, despite their savage nature. They are mainly encountered in dungeons, however they can appear in the wilderness during the night.

Lizard Men may prove deadly to low level players, but as the Eternal Champion gains experience, Lizard Men become increasingly less dangerous. They are between goblins and wolves in terms of strength.


Length: 0.4 sec
Description: Lizards Sound



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