"Count Indarys recently commissioned a bust of Llathasa. They say the Elves carved it. He put it near her tomb in the Chapel Undercroft. He also posted a guard so that her tomb wouldn't be disturbed. Used to be anyone could visit her, but now it's off limits to the public. There's a rumor going around that the Undercroft may be haunted."
Bruccius the Orphan[src]

Llathasa's Bust is a bust of the late Countess Llathasa Indarys. It is said that it was crafted by elves. It was placed in the Great Chapel of Arkay undercroft next to her tomb.


The Elven MaidenEdit

The bust is a target of the Thieves Guild, who say that they were payed to take it by an unknown contact. Once stolen, the city guard in the Imperial City will be informed that the guild was involved and the Waterfront District will be locked down. The theft of the bust was bait to lure out a snitch.


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  • After the bust is returned to the tomb, it can be stolen again, but then will be stuck in the player's inventory. It cannot be sold or dropped because it is considered a quest item even after the quest.


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