"Andel Indarys may or may not have killed his wife, and it may or may not have been an accident. And I doubt we'll ever know for sure."
―Rumors in Cyrodiil[src]

Llathasa Indarys was a Dunmer countess and is the deceased wife of Count Andel Indarys. Her husband, Andel Indarys, as well as her only son, Farwil Indarys, survived her.

Several flowers sit in her empty throne in Castle Cheydinhal. She died from an apparent trip on the stairs, but rumors suggest several different causes, including murder.


The Elven MaidenEdit

The Champion of Cyrodiil is tasked with stealing Llathasa's bust from the Undercroft beneath the Cheydinhal chapel.

If anything is stolen from her coffin, her spirit becomes hostile. The exact creature to appear is contingent upon Character Level. From weakest to strongest, the succession is: Ghost, Ancient Ghost, Faded Wraith, Wraith, and Gloom Wraith.


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