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Llethri Manor is a location in the Ald'ruhn Manor District. It is one of several Manors located inside the Manor District and it is the home to Redoran Council member, Garisa Llethri.


Entrance HallEdit

This is the entrance to Llethri Manor and the other cells, the Llethri Guard Quarters, the Llethri Manor Bedrooms, and the Llethri Private Quarters, can be entered from this cell.

Guard QuartersEdit

The Guard Quarters is a two level cell with three Redoran Guards patrolling here. It is the location of the Darts of Judgment for the quest The Darts of Judgement and the LLethri Manor Key which can be used for the Redoran Master Helm Quest.

Manor BedroomsEdit

This cell contains a number of sleeping areas and the aforementioned chest with the Redoran Master Helm.

Private QuartersEdit

This cell contains a larger living area for Garisa Llethri and a sleeping area in an adjoining room. The latter contains the book Redoran Cooking Secrets required for the quest Redoran Cookbook.


Main QuestEdit

House Redoran QuestsEdit

Thieves Guild Quests Edit

Notable itemsEdit

Llethri Guard Quarters
Llethri Private Quarters


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