Llewellyn the Nightingale is a bard who can be hired to stay in Lakeview Manor.


He can be asked to sing one of three songs:

He can also play the lute, drum, and flute and will offer to perform instrumental music of the Dragonborn's choosing.

If he is left alone, he will often wander around the residence interacting with furnishings such as alchemy labs and arcane enchanters.


  • His name is a reference to the nightingale, a bird renowned for its beautiful singing, rather than referring to the Nightingale faction.
  • Llewellyn is a traditionally Celtic/Welsh name, and one usually attributed to Bretons. However, Llewellyn the Nightingale is a Nord, and the Nords use primarily Nordic names (such as Ralof or Balgruuf). As such, Llewellyn is an oddity among Nords.
  • Llewellyn's name is pronounced as Ll-Y-WELLEN.


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  • He may sing the wrong song for the side chosen in the Civil War (Age of Aggression rather than Age of Oppression and vice-versa).


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