The Llodos Plague was a plague that affected the Deshaan region of Morrowind in the Second Era.[1]


Stage oneEdit

In stage one of the Llodos Plague the afflicted have a mild fever and random bodily aches and pains. The afflicted suffering from this stage of the plague have a terrible hunger that cannot be satisfied. This stage lasts anywhere from three to seven days.

Stage twoEdit

The second stage is marked by a high fever, overall weakness and the appearance of open sores upon the body. The pain of the afflicted is so intense that most normal activities become impossible to perform. During this stage the afflicted's appetite disappears and it is hard to make them eat and drink sufficient amounts of food and water to maintain their body weight. This stage ranges from seven to fourteen days. If the afflicted does not get rid of the plague in this period the chances of survival drop almost to zero.

Stage threeEdit

During the final stage of the plague, most of the afflicted simply die, with the death being extremely painful and heartbreaking to watch. However, the number of afflicted that found a natural death was decreasing, these afflicted turn into seemingly undead creatures that the common folk call plague husks


There is a way to slow down the process of the Llodos Plague, by heating the concoction. The needed ingredients for this are Kyne's Heart, sour milk tea and dragon scale mushrooms.

The MaulbornEdit

The Maulborn were a faction which claimed they had the cure for the Llodos Plague, in reality they were serving the Daedric Princes and were worsening the plague.


  • It is unknown wether the Maulborn created the plague or took advantage of it when it started appearing, because the Maulborn came with the cure for the plague.



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