Lloros Sarano is a Dunmer priest who can be found at the Ald'ruhn Temple. He sells potions, ingredients, books and spells from the Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism and Restoration schools of magic.


Ash StatuesEdit

The Nerevarine must rid Ald'ruhn of the nefarious influence of the cursed Ash Statues.

Clear Varvur Sarethi's NameEdit

If the Nerevarine has joined House Redoran and rescued Varvur Sarethi from Venim Manor during the House Redoran quests or during the Main Quest, Athyn Sarethi will ask the Nerevarine to clear the name of his son.

Find Beden GiladrenEdit

Having found the lost pilgrim Fedris Tharen on behalf of Lloros Sarano, the Nerevarine will be tasked with finding another associate of House Redoran, Beden Giladren. Giladren was last seen on her way to Maar Gan.

Find Fedris TharenEdit

Once the Nerevarine has traced the source of Varvur Arethi's ash statue, Lloros Sarano informs them about a lost pilgrim heading to Koal Cave. The pilgrim, whom goes by the name of Fedris Tharen, was last seen leaving for the cave and has not been since his departure.

Recover Shields from AndasrethEdit

Having found Beden Giladren on behalf of Lloros Sarano of the Ald'ruhn Temple, the Nerevarine is given a final task from him to complete. Sarano informs the Nerevarine that a group of Redoran warriors have failed to report back from their task at Andasreth.

Mission to Morvayn ManorEdit

The Nerevarine must help a Redoran councilor clear her house of unwanted presences.


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Lloros uses the following spells:

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Show: Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name

"Yes, Athyn Sarethi said to expect someone. What can I do for you?"

Bralen Carvaren "Yes, Varvur has been charged with the murder. There is a great deal of evidence. If you must investigate this, start by speaking with Varvur Sarethi."
ash statue "Bring me the statue. Then I may be able to clear Varvur's name for the muder of Bralen Carvaren."

After obtaining the statue:

"Have you found out anything more about Varvur's ash statue?"

ash statue "You have the statue? Give it to me and I will see if I can clear Varvur's name for the murder of Bralen Carvaren."
Bralen Carvaren "You found an ash statue in Varvur Sarethi's room? Give me the ash statue so that I may examine it more carefully."
Give him the statue. "Thank you, Nerevarine (Player name). Yes, I can see there is some kind of conjuration enchantment on this statue. I believe this statue influenced Varvur Sarethi in some manner, causing him to kill his friend Bralen Carvaren. He may still be under the influence of this statue. Tell Varvur to come and speak with me. When I am sure that he is no longer influenced by the statue, I will have him cleared of Bralen Carvaren's murder."
ash statue "I'm believe these statues have some kind of corrupting influence. If you could find out how Varvur Sarethi got the ash statue, I would be grateful."
Bralen Carvaren "Have Varvur Sarethi speak with me soon. If this statue was responsible for his behavior, I will clear him of Bralen Carvaren's murder."
Keep the statue. "If you will not give me the statue, I cannot help you."
Show: Ash Statue

"Have you found out anything more about Varvur's ash statue?"

ash statue "Galtis Guvron gave Varvur the ash statue? Go talk to Galtis Guvron at the Rat in the Pot and ask him about the ash statue."
Bralen Carvaren "Varvur Sarethi spoke with me. I have cleared him of the statue's influence and cleared his name for the murder of Bralen Carvaren."

After obtaining Galtis Guvron's Note:

"Have you found out anything more about Varvur's ash statue?"

ash statue "You found a note on Galtis Guvron's body when you asked about the ash statues? Let me see... Perhaps this "Hanari" is Hanarai Assutlanipal. She claims to be an outcast outlander. Her house is the first one on the right down the stairs from the Temple. She may be as unwilling to talk as Galtis. Take these potions in case you need them."
ash statue "Go to Hannai Assutlanipal's house here in Ald'ruhn. Use the potions I gave you if you need them."

After killing Hanarai Assutlanipal:

"Have you found out anything more about Varvur's ash statue?"

ash statue "By killing Hanarai Assutlanipal, the source of these ash statues in Ald'ruhn has been shut down. I admire your achievements, but we must remain vigilant against anyone else who comes to Ald'ruhn with ash statues."
ash statue "Hanarai Assutlanipal is no longer a threat to Ald'ruhn."
Show: Find Fedris Tharen

"What brings you to the Temple, Nerevarine (Player name)."

duties "One of our Pilgrims left here some weeks ago on the Ruddy Man Pilgrimage. I have not heard from him. Find out what happened to the Pilgrim Fedris Tharen."
Fedris Tharen "Fedris Tharen left Gnisis several days ago. He was supposed to head to the Koal Cave, just south of Gnisis, but he never arrived. Go to Gnisis and ask around and find out what happened to him."

After curing Fedris:

"Did you find Fedris Tharen?"

Fedris Tharen "Thank you for healing Fedris Tharen. To make up for your sacrifice, why not take these cure disease potions? I have more than I need at the moment."
Fedris Tharen "I hope he is well."
Show: Find Beden Giladren

"What brings you to the Temple, Nerevarine (Player name)."

duties "Another pilgrim has gone missing. I want you to find out what happened to Beden Giladren."
Beden Giladren "Beden Giladren was on his way from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan. I do not know what happened to him. Go to Maar Gan and see if you can find him."

After finding Beden:

"What brings you to the Temple, Nerevarine (Player name)."

Beden Giladren "Yes, I heard that you rescued Beden Giladren from the Ashlander camp. I will make sure House Redoran hears of your debts."
Beden Giladren "I wonder if Beden Giladren has finished the pilgrimage."
Show: Recover Shields from Andasreth

"What brings you to the Temple, Nerevarine (Player name)."

duties "Several Redoran soldiers were sent to the derelict stronghold of Andasreth. They have not returned. I need someone to find out what happened in Andasreth."
Andasreth "A part of Redoran men-at-arms left for Andasreth and they have not returned. Go to Andasreth and find out what happened to them. If they are dead, as I fear they are, bring their House Redoran shields back to me. I will show you where Andasreth is on your map."

After retrieving the shields:

"Do you have news from Andasreth?"

Andasreth "So it is as I feared. At least their families will have their shields. You have done well, Nerevarine (Player name). Perhaps I could offer you a shield of your own as a reward?"
Yes. "Thank you, Nerevarine (Player name). May it protect you well."
No. "Well, no matter. Think nothing of it."
Andasreth "You have already returned the shields. May Vivec protect you."
Show: Mission to Morvayn Manor

"What brings you to the Temple, Nerevarine (Player name)."

ash statue "This ash statue was found in Morvayn Manor? Give it to me, then, and I will destroy it."
Give him the statue. "You can tell Mistress Morvayn that I will destroy the ash statue. Perhaps the strange creatures that plague Morvayn Manor will leave now that the statue is gone."
ash statue "Did Mistress Morvayn ask you to bring me another ash statue? I believe I can remove the corrupting magic from these statues. Bring the statues to me, and I will do what I can."
Keep the statue. "I do not understand why you would not want this statue destroyed. Are you sure that you are not under the corrupting influence of the ash statue?"


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