Lloros Sarano is a Dunmer priest who can be found at the Ald'ruhn Temple. He sells potions, ingredients, books and spells from the Conjuration, Destruction, Mysticism and Restoration schools of magic.


Ash StatuesEdit

The Nerevarine must rid Ald'ruhn of the nefarious influence of the cursed Ash Statues.

Clear Varvur Sarethi's NameEdit

If the Nerevarine has joined House Redoran and rescued Varvur Sarethi from Venim Manor during the House Redoran quests or during the Main Quest, Athyn Sarethi will ask the Nerevarine to clear the name of his son.

Find Beden GiladrenEdit

Having found the lost pilgrim Fedris Tharen on behalf of Lloros Sarano, the Nerevarine will be tasked with finding another associate of House Redoran, Beden Giladren. Giladren was last seen on her way to Maar Gan.

Find Fedris TharenEdit

Once the Nerevarine has traced the source of Varvur Arethi's ash statue, Lloros Sarano informs them about a lost pilgrim heading to Koal Cave. The pilgrim, whom goes by the name of Fedris Tharen, was last seen leaving for the cave and has not been since his departure.

Mission to Morvayn ManorEdit

The Nerevarine must help a Redoran councilor clear her house of unwanted presences.

Recover Shields from AndasrethEdit

Having found Beden Giladren on behalf of Lloros Sarano of the Ald'ruhn Temple, the Nerevarine is given a final task from him to complete. Sarano informs the Nerevarine that a group of Redoran warriors have failed to report back from their task at Andasreth.


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