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The following is a list of all locations found on the island of Solstheim and Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.

DB Raven Rock Icon.png Raven Rock

DB Telvani Tower Icon.png Tel Mithryn

DB Stones Icon.png All-Maker Stones

Campsicon.png Camps

CaveIcon.png Caves

Clearingsicon.png Clearings

Docksicon.png Docks

Dragonlairicon.png Dragon Lairs

Dwarvenruinicon.png Dwemer Ruins

Farmsicon.png Farms

Forticon.png Forts

Landmarksicon.png Landmarks

Mineicon.png Mines

Passesicon.png Passes

Ruinsicon.png Ruins

Tomb.svg Nordic Tombs

SkyrimTownIcon.png Towns

Settlementicon.png Settlements

Shacksicon.png Shacks

Shipwrecksicon.png Ships and Shipwrecks

DB Miraak Temple Icon.png Temple of Miraak

Unmarked Locations