Lodorr's Crown is a memento in The Elder Scrolls Online. When activated, it will summon the ghost of an ancient necromancer named Lodorr, who will make threatening or insulting comments to the Vestige.


Lodorr’s Crown is rewarded upon completion of the quest “Lost Crown.”


Each time the ghost of Lodorr is summoned, he will say one of the following:

  • The living will fear me again!
  • I was the terror of Windhelm. How I’m an idiot’s plaything.
  • I killed my father just to gain a sliver of power. I’d kill you just for entertainment value.
  • One day I will escape this prison. That day will be your last.
  • You are mortal, but one day you will be like me. On that day, you will know torment.
  • Do you fear your own death? I look forward to it.
  • Don’t you have more important things to do?
  • There’s a special plane of Oblivion for people like you.
  • You will die for your insolence.
  • Will you stop summoning me?


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