Not to be confused with Lokir.
"I never forget who my friends are. Or my enemies."

Lokil is a Nord vampire encountered inside Dimhollow Crypt‎. He is in charge of a Volkihar small search party ‎looking for a mysterious vampire artifact.



He can be found in the main chamber of Dimhollow Crypt interrogating Vigilant Adalvald. After Adalvald refuses to help him unlock the tomb that houses the vampire artifact, he kills him.


Notes on Dimhollow Crypt

Adalvald: "I'll never tell you anything, vampire. My oath to Stendarr is stronger than any suffering you can inflict on me."
Lokil: "I believe you, Vigilant. And I don't think you even know what you've found here. So go and meet your beloved Stendarr."
Vampire: "Are you sure that was wise, Lokil? He still might have told us something. We haven't gotten anywhere ourselves with..."
Lokil: "He knew nothing. He served his purpose by leading us to this place. Now it is up to us to bring Harkon the prize. And we will not return without it. Vingalmo and Orthjolf will make way for me after this."
Vampire: "Yes, of course Lokil. Do not forget who brought you news of the Vigilants' discovery."
Lokil: "I never forget who my friends are. Or my enemies."



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  •  360   After killing Lokil and using a reanimate spell on him might cause him to stop glowing, restart his regular speech and start to attack the Dragonborn. However, he will turn to ash when the spell wear offs or if killed.
  •  360   After killing Lokil and using Dead Thrall (other reanimate spells unknown), he may despawn and reappear later in front of Castle Volkihar alive. He will then proceed to attack the Dragonborn.


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