The Longhouse Emperors were a short-lived dynasty of Reachmen Emperors who ruled Cyrodiil for several decades in the Interregnum until the dynasty ended in 2E 573 after Leovic, last of the Longhouse Emperors, was killed by Varen Aquilarios. They were disliked by the populace of Cyrodiil, who regarded the Reachmen as "alien and eccentric at best."[1][2]

Known Longhouse EmperorsEdit



Their reign began sometime in the early sixth century of the Second Era after Durcorach the Black Drake began his own conquest of Tamriel, eventually seizing the Ruby Throne. In an effort to solidify his tenuous claim to the throne, Durcorach married Veraxia Tharn of the Tharn Family of Nibenay.[2] Durcorach was killed by Emeric at the gates of Daggerfall in 2E 541, passing the throne on to his heir Moricar.[3]

Leovic's ruleEdit

Leovic was crowned either during or before 2E 566, and often spent the summers vacationing in Anvil Castle.[4] In 2E 573, he commissioned the Emperor's Guide to Tamriel.[5] Some point later on, he legalized the worship of Daedric Princes. This sparked much outrage throughout Cyrodiil, and resulted in an uprising.[2]

Colovian RevoltEdit

In 2E 576,[6] the dynasty of the Longhouse Emperors was destroyed after Varen Aquilarios killed Leovic, grandson of Durcorach, in the Imperial Palace. Thus, Varen claimed the throne until 2E 579 when he disappeared.[2] Leovic was resurrected by the forces of Molag Bal in 2E 582, but was put to rest by the Vestige.[7]



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