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Loot the Mages Guild is a Thieves Guild quest given by Aengoth the Jeweler to the Nerevarine in Morrowind.


Aengoth the Jeweler wants the Nerevarine to steal Anarenen's Devil Tanto in the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild.


Go to the Ald'ruhn guildhall and find Manis Virmaulese. With an appropriate sneak skill the Nerevarine can sneak past him. Alternatively, he will need to be killed. After killing Manis, the Nerevarine must go downstairs to the right in the alchemist's corner. The Tanto is in a small locked (65) chest. After stealing it, the Nerevarine should return to Aengoth to complete the quest.

While there, the Nerevarine can pick up the copy of Withershins behind the alter downstairs; it will save some time on "Aengoth's Withershins" quest.


Redoran Cookbook
IDJournal Entry
10Aengoth the Jeweler told me that he heard the Guild of Mages in Ald'ruhn is empty and that now would be a good time to fetch Anareren's Devil Tanto.
  • Quest accepted
100Aengoth thanked me for bringing him Anareren's Devil Tanto.
  • Quest complete

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