"Ah, another one. Here to work with the great Lord Diel, no doubt."
―Lord Alain[src]

Lord Alain Diel is a Breton lord found at his camp in the Shrieking Scar, north of Daggerfall. He is investigating the harpy attacks nearby.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit

Lord Diel of Daggerfall and his sons are investigating the recent harpy attacks all along the coast. They hired a group of mercenaries called the Daggers to help them with their research, but the Daggers never returned from the Shrieking Scar. In the quest "The Dagger's Edge," Vestige finds out that Lord Diel has orchestrated the Harpy treat to increase his own profit and reputation. The Vestige could choose to turn Lord Diel in or let him go and claim the reward for themselves.


Show: The Dagger's Edge

"Ah, you're back. Much more reliable than those damn Daggers. I don't see their leader, Gelvin. He didn't come back with you? More gold for the rest of you, I suppose. Now, hand over the eggs, please."

Here are the eggs, but Gelvin hasn't returned yet?
"I belive we already covered that. Now let me have a look at these beauties. Ah, so round and smooth. Well, oval, really. I'll begin studying these eggs right a ... wait a moment."

What's the matter?
"Where's the other egg? I was promised five harpy eggs, not four. Didn't they teach you to count? There will be no deal without five eggs! Five! No more, no less. Imbeciles!"
Gelvin has the fifth egg.
"Then I suggest you find that bootless lout and get it back. There will be consequences. These are my eggs! Let his sister know that if Gelvin doesn't return, I will have his right hand cut off for stealing from a noble!"
After meeting Alain at the Miltrin's Fishing Cabin:

"Gelvin's sister gave up his location so easily. Now where is that damn thief? And where in the Eight is my damn egg?"

You're not getting the harpy egg.
"What did you say? How dare you! That's my property! You expect to get away with this? I knew I shouldn't have put my trust in a bunch of low-life scum. You'll be in the hands of the Daggerfall guard by the end of day!"

Or they could learn how this harpy threat really started.
"You think the guard would belive you? Some street rats who lay a claim against a well-respected noble? You're dumber than you look. The guard will chuckle as they lead you to the dungeons. Or maybe we'll just end this right now."
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
"What impertience! You really do get under my skin. Enough of this. No one will miss you or those street rats. Guards! Deal with these thieves!"


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