Lord Gharesh-ri is a Khajiit and the Speaker of the Mane, Akkhuz-ri. They are both long-time friends. His duties consist of traveling to places incorporated into the Aldmeri Dominion to speak on the Mane's behalf when he is too busy with other matters.


Unsafe HavenEdit

The Vestige has traveled with Captain Jimila to Haven, the largest port on the Long coast. The area has been taken over by a powerful group of pirates, and the objective is to reclaim Haven from them to make it safe again.

The Dark ManeEdit

Gharesh-ri says that while the Mane Akkhuz-ri and his guards were travelling to The Silvenar and The Green Lady's wedding, the Mane mysteriously attacked them with a dark magic and fled.

The First StepEdit

Gharesh-ri says the Khajiit are talking about how there are two potential candidates to be Mane.


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