"I have not eaten in decades! You will be my feast! Aggghhh!"
―Lord Lovidicus[src]

Lord Lovidicus quote

Lord Lovidicus is an Imperial vampire who resides in Crowhaven, which is north of Anvil. He is the father of Agronak gro-Malog, who now lives in the Imperial City Arena.


Lovidicus was infected with vampirism around 3E 233, over two hundred years before the Oblivion Crisis.[1] At some point, he fell in love with his orc maiden, Luktuv gra-Malog, despite the fact that many people would condemn him for feeling this way about an orc.

After learning she was pregnant with his child, he felt it was time to tell her the truth about himself. However, she did not respond the way he expected, and rejected him. She locked him inside his chambers and fled the castle. Lovidicus became outraged, and promised himself that when he escaped, he would hunt her and the child down and kill them both.

After her escape, Luktuv fled to the Imperial City and had a son, Agronak. On her deathbed, she gave him the key to Crowhaven and told him the secret to his nobility was inside.


Origin of the Gray PrinceEdit

Agronak asks the Hero to go and find the proof he needs to show that an orc can be of noble blood. The Hero will discover that Lovidicus was driven mad by hunger for blood, and will be forced to kill him.


  • "Release! Sweet release! After all these years, these decades, I am finally free! And you! So... so fresh! I must feed! I must feed! Agghhhhh!"



  • Despite being a vampire, Lord Lovidicus does not have any vampire dust in his inventory.



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