"He was an enormous bald man whose friends and enemies called Mount Vhokken, and when he spoke it was with the low grumble of thunder."

Lord Vhokken was a warlord and a loyal servant of Queen Potema in Solitude in early Third Era.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

When in 3E 97 King Mantiarco started to investigate rumors of treason of his previous warchief, Lord Thone, Lord Vhokken temporarily took the post of war-chief in Solitude.[1] After Lord Thone was found guilty, Vhokken most likely kept the post.

The evidence of treason might have been, however, set up by Lord Vhokken himself. Demise of Lord Thone was beneficial for both Lord Vhokken and Queen Potema, whom he worked for.

Lord Vhokken has been continuously recorded working close with Queen Potema in later years. He was, without doubt, loyal and trusted servant of the Queen. He is recorded to be a diplomatic emissary of Queen Potema in 3E 99[2] and 3E 110.[3]

In 3E 127 Lord Vhokken lead Potema's forces during the Battle of Falconstar. He did not participate the battle himself, but spectate the field from afar together with Queen Potema herself. Despite clear disadvantage, battle was won and Magnus Septim with his Argonian forces had to retreat.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the close ties with Queen Potema, Lord Vhokken does not make an appearance as her undead minion during "The Wolf Queen Awakened" in Skyrim.

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