"I am a high lord, Annaïg. We do not move through cycles as you do. We have always been and we remain. We were here at the beginning, and if there is an end we will be there, too."
―Lord Rhel[1]

Lords are powerful beings that rule Umbriel. They compete with one another by sponsoring kitchens that prepare the most exquisite dishes.

The following is a list of lords present in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City and An Elder Scrolls Novel: Lord of Souls:


Name Race Gender Palace
Lord Umbriel Dunmer Male N/A
Lord Rhel Daedra Male Rhel Palace
Lord Ghol Daedra Male N/A
Lord Prixon Daedra Male Prixon Palace
Lord Oroy Daedra Male Oroy Mansion
Lord Irrel Daedra Male N/A
Lord Ix Daedra Male N/A


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