Loremaster Celarus is an Altmer who can be found in the Ceporah Tower in Artaeum.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Sometime after the events of the Planemeld he became the leader of the Psijic Order. It is presumed that he is mistaken for Ritemaster Iachesis in the book The Wolf Queen, Book IV.[1] He denied Morian Zenas and Seif-ij Hidja the entry to The Dreaming Cave saying that it was sealed for the safety of all.[2] He is known to be the author of the book The Old Ways. He also described Imperial Battlemage Welloc's suppression of the rebellion in Blackrose.[3]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Psijics' Calling

"Tranquil greetings, ceruval. You will forgive me if I seem awkward. We rarely entertain our guest here on Artaeum. I am Celarus. Ritemaster Iachesis told me a great deal about you. I suspect he has plans for you ... within the Psijic Order."

You're offering me a place in the Psijic Order? Do I even qualify for membership? "The Ritemaster holds you in high regard. That is proof enough of your worthiness. The Psijic Order requires practical wisdom. Outside perspective. Unless I miss my guess, you can provide both. You would be a worthy addition to our ranks."
Thank you. What do I need to do? "Eager to begin? Good. Eagerness is just what we need. Your first lesson begins now. The Order has detected a number of ... irregularities on Tamriel. Small breaches in the fabric of time. I would like you to seal them for me."
All right, I'll seal these breaches. How should I proceed? "The first cluster of time breaches appeared on the Isle of Summerset. You should start there. Go speak with my apprentice, Josajeh, in the Athenaeum. She will provide the tools you need: a map, Psijic Seals, and the Augur of the Obscure."
What does it take to become a Psijic? "A noble heart and a solemn commitment to the truth. Achieving membership in the Psijic Order is a serious and a lasting endeavor. You must be prudent, but fearless. Withdrawn, but compassionate. It is not something to be taken lightly."
Why are you looking for new members? I thought you were a reclusive group. "Too reclusive, I fear. The truth is that we have grown old, ceruval. I mixed blessing I suppose. Long years of seclusion have allowed us to study and learn—but always at the cost of our relationship with the outside world. We need youth. Vigor."
What are the benefits of membership? "As your knowledge of the Old Ways grows, so too will the rewards. For instance, we are prepared to teach you new and powerful spells. As in all things, the best teacher is experience. This matter of the time breaches will act as your exam."
Any words of wisdom before I set out? "Only this: purge yourself of selfish intent. Membership in the Psijic Order will bring you both prestige and power. But such honors often lead to oegnithir—the bad change. What you do in the Order's name, you do for others. Never yourself."
Fair enough. So this map you mentioned will show me where the time breaches are located?
This map will show me where the time breaches are located? "The map will show you the aproximate location of each time breach. I apologize. Our visions, while powerful, are not always specific. Make your way to each X on the map, the use the Augur of the Obscure to discover the anomaly's exact location."
How does this Augur work, exactly? "These time breaches are not visible to mortal eyes. The Augur, however, percieves time and space very differently. Gazing through it will allow you to peer through the veil—to see things both visible and invisible. Things like these breaches."
Once I find the breach, I use these Psijic seals to close it? "Precisely. Think of them like ... bandages, I suppose? Or tourniquets. The chronomycs they contain will stabilize the rift and harden the walls of time around them, rendering the breaches harmless. They are quite easy to use. I promise."
What is your role here in the Psijic Order, Celarus? "I serve as the chief Loremaster here on the Artaeum. A grand title for a modest pursuit, truth to be told. I protect and maintain our various libraries and archives, safeguard the the details of our Order's history, that sort of thing."
How many libraries and archives do you have here? "Eight hundred and and sixty-three, at last count. Not including the Ritemaster's personal collection, of course. Don't trouble yourself looking for them. Many of them exist in quasi-planes and hermetic mind-spheres. It helps keep things tidy."
You think maintaining eight hundred sixty-three libraries is a modest pursuit? "Comparatively? Yes. Many of my peers spend their days examining the nature of reconstitued souls, and studying et'Ada dream residue. Still, I love my work. It also affords me the opportunity to spend time with our initiates."
So you're a teacher? "Of sorts. I educate students on the importance of compassion, discipline, objectivity and the like. Our Order's chief virtues. It can be very rewarding—provided the students take such lessons to heart. I am confident you will be such a student."

After closing the breaches:

"Welcome back, initiate. Have you done as I asked? Are the breaches on the Summerset Isle truly sealed?"

Yes, I sealed all the breaches on Summerset. "Well done. Well done, indeed. You already seem well-versed in the cardinal virtues of our order: altruism, foresight, precision in both thoughts and action. You will be a true asset to the Order. Of that I'm certain."
Thank you, Loremaster. What's next? "Speak with Josajeh. She will want to know that the Augur is safe, no doubt. Yes, I know all about its sudden disappearance. You did well in recovering it. I bade her give you something—your first step on the path. She awaits you in the Athenaeum."
Thank you. I'll go speak to Josajeh.
Breaches of Frost and Fire

"Ah, greetings, initiate. You arrive not a moment too soon. I assume Josajeh gave you a summary of our predicament?"

Predicament? What's the matter? "The Staff of Towers has returned. I was sceptical at first, but there is no longer any room for doubt. Josajeh made the discovery—an exemplary feat of arcane inquiry. I find myself filled with mentor's pride ... and no small measure of dread."
Why is the Staff of Towers so frightening? "Ah. A teachable moment! As a member of the Psijic Order you must know that great power always walks hand-in-hand with great peril. Even in the hands of a Ritemaster, an artifact like this can churl up untold horrors. Truth be told, it already has."
What are you talking about? "Misuse of the staff led to something called a Dragon Break in the First Era—a catastrophic disruption of linear time that lasted the better part of a thousand years. Trust me when I say that is something we cannot afford to repeat."
Fair enough. "The threats we face are great indeed. Fortunately, the Old Ways always provide. Wisdom in the face of uncertainty. Patience in the face of turmoil. And of course, strenght in the face of danger. Take this, initiate. And my thanks."
The Shattered Staff

"Now our work begins in earnest. The Staff of Towers must be recovered. Shall we begin?"

Yes. Where do I start? "The staff comprises eight pieces—one for each of Nirn's girding towers. Whatever force drew the staff back to Tamriel scattered these pieces across the continent. We managed to scry the locations of four of them. The others elude us. For now."
All right, where are these four pieces? "Pelin Graveyard in Bangkorai, Leki's Blade in Alik'r, the great Hist in Shadowfen, and the Fang Spires in Deshaan. Once you arrive at a breach, activate the Augur and it should light a path to the artifacts. Josajeh can tell you more. Safe travels."
All right. I'll go speak with Josajeh.

After collecting the fragments:

"Welcome back, initiate. I see you have recovered all the staff fragments. Such a collection of artifacts ... it is difficult to miss."

Yes, I recovered all four. "Excellent. I will find a safe place for them here in the Ceporah Tower. Four less artifacts in the world eases my mind considerably. Once we find the remaining four fragments, our task will be complete."
Where are the four remaining fragments? "Regrettably, we have not located them yet. Our scryers discovered the first four by studying the collision of tonal waves. The Psijic Seals you placed in Tamriel provided information that was vital to this pursuit."
So I need to place more Psijic Seals to discover the remaining fragments? "Exactly. Each time breach you seal brings us closer to recovering the remaining fragments. I knew you would be an asset to the Order, but you have exceeded even my expectations. You are clearly prepared for greater things. Take this, and my thanks."
A Breach Amid the Trees

"Are you ready for another journey to Tamriel, initiate?"

Yes. Where do you need me to go? "Another cluster of time breaches appeared in the Wood Elves' homeland. Valenwood. We need you to seal these breaches, just as you did before. Josajeh will provide the tools you need. May I ask another favor of you?"
Of course. What else do you need? "Please, just take a moment and discuss this matter of the staff with Josajeh. I fear that she still resents my decision to lock the fragments away. She suffered a ... trauma. The promise of this staff could create an unwelcome distraction."
All right, I'll talk to Josajeh and seal these breaches. "Josajeh will see reason, I know. She just needs reminders every now and then."
A Time for Mud and Mushrooms

"Ah, initiate. What a welcome diversion. I assume Josajeh told you that are scryers are well on their way to locating the last four fragments of the staff. We have you to thank. Now then, can I help you with something?"

Have you made any progress with the staff? "Progress? To be perfectly honest … no, we have not. It was my intention to keep the various fragments separate from one another—to seal them away in discreet hidden vaults. The results have been less than satisfactory."
What do you mean? "Some force keep drawing the fragments back together. Despite my best efforts, they resist any attempt to fully separate them. I have tried safes, wards, warding cases … but every time, the fragments manage to reunite."
Do you have any idea why? "Not yet. But I will say this—there is an intention to it. Of that, I am certain. Something in these fragments yearns for reunification. To what end? That remains a troubling mystery. But those questions will keep. You have work to do, initiate."

After closing the breaches:

"Tranquil greetings, initiate. It seems your efforts in the swamp proved fruitful. Just a short time ago, our scryers located the remaining fragments of the Staff of Towers."

Are you ready for me to set out? "I am. But first we should take a moment to acknowledge your achievement. A Psijic must never sacrifice the present at the cost of an uncertain future. Take this as a reward, ceruval. I suspect you will find a use for it before long."
The Towers' Remains

"The time has come, initiate. We must gather the final fragments of the Staff of Towers."

All right. Where can I find these fragments? "According to our scryers' visions, fragments lay buried near the Brothers of Strife in Stonefalls, the Weeping Giant in Stormhaven, Greenheart in Greenshade, and the Spellscar in Craglorn. Each of these locations hold great Aurbic significance."
What should I do when I reach these locations? "You will no doubt find more time breaches near these landmarks. Once the Augur attunes to them, it should light a path to the hidden artifacts. You must move quickly, initiate. Only the Psijic Order is prepared to deal with objects this dangerous."
All right. I'll go and recover the four remaining fragments. "There was one other thing I wanted to discuss with you, initiate. It will just take a moment."
Sure, Loremaster. What's on your mind? "Once you recover these remaining fragments, I would like you to bring them to me directly. I know that you and Josajeh have grown more familiar, but allowing her to inspect these artifacts without supervision would be most unwise."
You don't trust Josajeh with the staff? "You misunderstand. I trust Josajeh implicitly. But avoiding temptation is one of the chief pillars of moral action. Her interest in this artifact and its potential applications is not purely academic. I sense a private, sentimental motive."
Something to do with her family woes? "Perceptive. Yes—the matter of her family. It is entirely possible that we have nothing to worry about. But an overabundance of caution is always warranted when it comes to objects of power. Now, I have delayed you long enough. Take care, initiate."

After collecting the fragments:

"Old Ways be praised. Welcome back, initiate. I hesitate to ask, but I must—were you successful? Did you recover the remaining staff fragments?"

Yes. I collected all four fragments. "What a great relief. You have the Order's deepest admiration. Alas, more work remains. With the introduction of four new fragments, the forces drawing the staff together may grow stronger. Hopefully, gathering all eight will yield greater insights."
Do you think you'll be able to store the staff safely? "If any society of mages can do it, it is the Psijic Order. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that Josajeh has gained some valuable perspective. We spoke at length, and now she seems committed to disassembling the staff."
That's good to hear. What's next? "Many tasks yet remain. Even with the Staff of Towers here on Artaeum, the time-storms continue to rage on Tamriel. But for now, let us give proper recognition to your success. Take this knowledge, initiate. You have most certainly earned it."
Time in Doomcrag's Shadow

"Are you prepared to set out again, initiate? As I said, this threat to Nirn is far from settled."

What do you need me to do, Loremaster? "Even with the staff fragments removed from Tamriel, time breaches continue to open across the continent. This time, in the forbidding land of Rivenspire. I only pray that they do not grow stronger now that the staff is so close to completion."
So you need me to seal more breaches? "We do. As always, the Augur, map, and Psi jic Seals are prepared for your use. Josajeh will provide them. Return to me once you have closed the breaches. We will solve this problem of the staff soon. You have my word."
All right. I’ll go speak with Josajeh. "The hopes and intentions of the Psijic Order go with you, initiate. You will overcome this threat. Of that I have no doubt."

After closing the breaches:

"Tranquil greetings, initiate. You carry yourself with a victor’s confidence. Did you seal the breaches in Rivenspire?"

Yes, all the breaches in Rivenspire are sealed. "Excellent. I wish I could echo the sentiment. Our work on the Staff of Towers proceeds at a snail’s pace. Every time we make a breakthrough, something interferes. At first, I thought it was the staff itself—expressing some otherwordly intention."
And now? "I fear sabotage. After long consideration, I permitted Josajeh to assist me in this endeavor. She was jubilant. But now ... it seems her interest in the artifact remains personal. It brought me no pleasure, but I had to remove her from the project."
How did she take the news? "Not well. But she will see the wisdom in it. Avoidance of temptation is a crucial element of moral action. In her heart, she knows this—perhaps better

than most. But we digress. You have more than earned this reward. Use it wisely, initiate."

A Breach Beyond the Crags

"Are you prepared for one last journey to Tamriel? I believe our final success is nearly at hand."

Yes, I'm prepared, Loremaster. "Now that we can labor over the staff without the … complications Josajeh introduced, I am confident we will render the artifact harmless soon. Unfortunately, one cluster of time breaches remains. This time, in the barren land of Craglorn."
So I should travel to Craglorn and seal these breaches? "Yes, precisely. Josajeh will provide the items you need. I was hesitant to give her this task at first. But keeping her involved to some degree seemed prudent … and perhaps humane? You should go speak with her. She needs friendly counsel."
All right. I will speak with Josajeh and seal these breaches in Craglorn. "Safe travels, ceruval. Let us both hope that when you return, this business of the Staff of Towers will be concluded."
Are you absolutely certain Josajeh interfered with your research? "I am. Magic is an intensely personal exercise, initiate. No two mages weave their spells in exactly the same way. Like painting or sculpting, each artist has their own distinctive style. Josajeh's style is difficult to miss."
What kind of spell did she use? "I will not bore you with the finer details? Perhaps an analogy? Imagine an elaborate lock with thousands of tumblers. The master locksmith must learn their sequence and sensitivity before they can devise a key. Josajeh switched the tumblers."
Will she be punished? "Removing her from the project is punishment enough. In truth, the order finds the idea of punishment repugnant. The road to justice often leads to a place of vengeance. Too often. Punishment should serve as an opportunity for growth. Nothing more."

After closing the breaches:

"Thank you for returning so quickly, initiate. Our situation is dire. Shortly after you left, the fragments of the Staff of Towers disappeared. Stolen, I’m afraid, by one of our own."

Josajeh? "Regrettably, yes. The lion’s share of the blame falls upon me—for not recognizing the depths of her despair. Pushing her away from the task when I should have kept her close at hand. But guilt and penance will have to wait. We have much to do."
What will happen if she tries to use the staff? "Difficult to say. She mentioned an Ayleid binding ritual she discovered. If it’s successful, the catastrophe might be more limited in scope. But make no mistake, there will be a catastrophe if we do not act quickly to stop her."
Then we need to stop her. "Indeed we do. And quickly. Take this, initiate. You will need it during the trials ahead."
The Towers' Fall

"Josajeh was very thorough in her preparation. Apparently, she mastered the art of ghostly passage without my knowledge. A feat as impressive as it is frustrating. Attempts to scry her location have failed. We must take a more direct approach."

All right. How are we going to find her? "I looked through her things. An abominable breach of confidence, I know. In any event, I found some renderings of a mine her family once owned—Divad's Chagrin. It is both remote and largely untouched by world events. Perfect for her endeavor."
Do you think she’s hiding in this mine? "Not for long. A familiar place can serve as a temporal anchor. If she went to Divad’s Chagrin, she almost certainly plans to use it as a springboard into an unfamiliar place ... an unfamiliar time. Take the Augur and these seals and find this mine."
Don’t worry. I’ll travel to Divad’s Chagrin Mine and stop Josajeh before it’s too late. "If you catch her … when you catch her, please exercise mercy and restraint. As you well know, Josajeh is not evil—only misguided. May the Old Ways guide your steps, ceruval."
Why do you need me for this? You are the most powerful mages on Nirn. "Yes. That is precisely why this task falls to you. Psijics like the Ritemaster and I exert tremendous stress on the Aurbic forces around us. Our very existence presents arcane risk. If we approached a ritual like the one Josajeh has planned …"
What would happen? "Frankly, I do not know. But I suspect the power of the staff would spin even further out of control, consuming Josajeh in the process. You, though .... You command the Order’s power, but leave a far shallower footprint."
All right. "I am truly sorry, initiate. It pains me to send you into such peril alone. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on your progress. Once you have rendered the staff inert, we will come to assist you immediately."
You said Josajeh might use the mine as a springboard to an unfamiliar place? "Yes. And perhaps more importantly, an unfamiliar time. The staff’s creator, Anumaril, reigned from the White-Gold Tower. The White-Gold staff fragment sits atop the other seven. It is possible that the tower itself may be required for her ritual."
But the White-Gold Tower is overrun by Molag Bal's Daedra. "As I said ... an unfamiliar time. The towers exist on a level beyond the physical, initiate—apart from time in the way we understand it. If I was forced to guess where she was headed, the White-Gold Tower would be my reply."
The White-Gold Tower … detached from time? "Yes. That idea alone presents a series of frightening paradoxes. I truly hope I am wrong in this."
If the ritual has already begun, how do I stop it? "In this, I can provide little more than supposition. Gripping the staff or attempting to sunder it would likely make things worse. Were I in your position, I would focus on its effects. Rifts, breaches, inversions … seal them first."
And that will stop it? "It may. The power of the staff must have some means of escape—like breath from the lungs, or air from a bellows. Without this, the power will swell beyond the staff’s ability to contain it."
What will happen if the staff fails to contain it? "The staff will either shatter into eight inert fragments, or …."
Or? "Or the power will coalesce into an impossibly dense Aurbic gyre—creating a new Dragon Break. Or perhaps something worse. I wish I could be more reassuring. But the Old Ways demand that we see things as they are—not as we’d wish them to be."

After returning to Artaeum:

"Ah, it does my heart good to see you, initiate. The events of the last few days … I must admit, they have taken a toll. I was just preparing Josajeh's proclamation of banishment. Not a simple task, can tell you."

So she's being ejected from the Psijic Order? "Surely this comes as no surprise. She deceived me and the Ritemaster, stole an artifact of unimaginable power, and very nearly broke time itself. Exile is our only recourse. This brings me no joy. I care deeply for Josajeh. It is … it is tragic."
What will happen to the Staff of Towers? "Relicmaster Glenadir sealed it in the Vault of Moawita, and there it will remain. So long as I draw breath, that staff will never again see the light of day."
Can we discuss the Augur of the Obscure? It agreed to help us on the condition that I set it free? "I would not have entered into such a bargain. But given the circumstances, I understand. The Augur served us well, but we cannot permit objects of such power to roam free in Tamriel. In the wrong hands, its gift of foresight could prove costly."
The Augur seems fond of Josajeh, and she's a powerful mage. What if she took it into exile? "A bold suggestion considering her recent exploits. Still. Josajeh is thirsty for answers, and the Augur is bound to provide honest counsel. Yes. Yes, this may work. The Augur will go to Josajeh. She waits outside, preparing for her journey."
Good. I’ll take the Augur to her now. "The call of the Old Ways can sometimes be contradictory. The Relicmaster knows this better than most. Tell him Josajeh will take the Augur with her under my authority. He will understand."
You’re right. We can't risk the Augur falling into the wrong hands. It should go to the vault. [?]

After speaking to Josajeh, if the Augur was intented to be given to her:

"The time has come. Rest easy. I am certain that both Josajeh and the Augur will be fine. No—they will do better than that. They will thrive."

So what happens now? "Now you reap the harvest of your good works.

Through your dedication and heroism you have proved your worthiness. So, I present this final gift. Beyond this, there is nothing I can teach you. Let the Old Ways proclaim—you are now a true Psijic."

After speaking to Josajeh, if the Augur was intented to remain in the Vault of Moawita: [?]

Conversations[edit | edit source]

The Towers' Fall

After sealing the breaches in the Time-Lost Throne Room:

Loremaster Celarus: "Josajehl You're alive!"
Relicmaster Glenadir: "I fully expected more chaos. I see our newest member has the situation well in hand."
Loremaster Celarus: "They've been invaluable to this effort."
Relicmaster Glenadir: "That is quite clear. Celarus, see to your apprentice. I shall recover the Staff of Towers."
Loremaster Celarus: "Yes of course."
Loremaster Celarus: "I'll see to Josajeh’s welfare and ensure the staff is recovered. Return to Artaeum when you are ready."

After speaking to Relicmaster Glenadir:

Josajeh: I’m so sorry for disappointing you, loremaster."
Loremaster Celarus: "It is as I aIways said, Josajeh. Failure is an opportunity for growth. I hope this exile will lead you to better things."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Friend of Valsirenn, I have a proposal for you." – Upon the first encounter
  • "Tranquil greetings, my friend. You seem duly prepared for the task ahead. Excellent. Foresight and prudence provide a stronger defense than any shield. May the Old Ways guide your path. And again, thank you." – After talking to Josajeh during "The Psijics' Calling," "Breaches on the Bay" or "Breaches of Frost and Fire"
  • "Please, go talk to Josajeh, initiate. She will no doubt be pleased to see you." – After talking to him after closing the breaches during "The Psijics' Calling"
  • "Tranquil greetings, initiate. I assume that Josajeh has prepared you for your next task? Remember—a careful approach and prudent action will serve you better than any shield. Safe travels." – After starting "Breaches on the Bay"
  • "We can only hope that no lesser mages have discovered these staff fragments. Even a single piece could prove dangerous." – After starting "The Shattered Staff"
  • "The thoughts and intentions of the Psijic Order go with you, initiate. Farewell." – After talking to Josajeh during "The Shattered Staff"
  • "May the Old Ways guide your steps, initiate. Be cautious in Valenwood. Forces far more dangerous than wolves and bears stalk those woods." – After talking to Josajeh during "A Breach Amid the Trees"
  • "Welcome back, initiate. I trust your adventures in Valenwood were fruitful? Go speak to Josajeh. She will want to hear the details." – After closing the breaches during "A Breach Amid the Trees"
  • "Do not concern yourself with this matter of the fragments. I am confident that a solution is near to hand. For now, set your mind to the task laid before you. A Psijic, once committed, should never deviate. Farewell." – After talking to him during "A Time for Mud and Mushrooms"
  • "Welcome back, initiate. I hope the swamp did not exact too high a toll on you. Josajeh waits for you in the Athenaeum." – After closing the breaches during "A Time for Mud and Mushrooms"
  • "Beware the temptations of power, initiate. Countless mages have fallen prey to the allure of legendary artifacts like these fragments. In all things, seek peace, simplicity, and detachment." – After talking to him during "The Towers' Remains"
  • "Safe travels, ceruval. Let us both hope that when you return, this business of the Staff of Towers will be concluded." – After talking to him during "A Breach Beyond the Crags"
  • "Safe travels, ceruval. Craglorn is an unforgiving place. Make sure you are prepared." – After talking to Josajeh during "A Breach Beyond the Crags"
  • "Initiate! Something terrible has occured. Return to Artaeum at once!" – After closing the breaches during "A Breach Beyond the Crags"
  • "The hopes and intentions of the Psijic Order go with you, initiate. You will overcome this threat. Of that I have no doubt." – After leaving the Time-Lost Throne Room during "The Towers' Fall"
  • "You should speak to Josajeh before she leaves. You may not get another opportunity." – After speaking to Relicmaster Glenadir during "The Towers' Fall"
  • "Congratulations, ceruval. You now possess all the rights and privileges afforded to members of our order. Continue your studies, use these powers for the good of all, and you will make this humble teacher very proud indeed." – After finishing "The Towers' Fall"

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