Lorkhaj is the Khajiiti interpretation of the Missing God. He was born to Fadomai in the great darkness, which thereafter came to know itself as Namiira.[1] Lorkhaj is one of the "Dark Spirits" of the Khajiiti pantheon.[2]

Nirni later came to Lorkhaj asking for help, as Fadomai had told her to bring forth many children, but there was no place for them.[1] However, Lorkhaj's heart had been filled with the void, and he tricked his siblings and forced them to be in this new place Nirni had requested. Many of them died as a result.[1]

The other children of Fadomai thus decided to punish Lorkhaj by ripping out his heart and hiding it in Nirni, and they cursed Lorkhaj to walk Nirni for many phases. Nirni, however, was able to forgive Lorkhaj as she could now bear children.[1]

Some time after this, Lorkhaj came to his sister Azurah with a big hole in his chest where his heart had been. The void that had filled his chest beat like a normal heart, but it was filled with the darkness of the void.[3] Azurah ripped the darkness out and cast it beyond the sea, where it became the Moon Beast, the first Dro-m'Athra.[3] Azurah then held Lorkhaj until he died.[3] The Moon Beast now prowls the edge of the Lattice to pounce upon Khajiit who stray too far from the lattice, turning them into Dro-m'Athra.[2] Azurah lit her brother's pyre with the twin lanterns of Jone and Jode, so that Lorkhaj's true spirit will sometimes appear, but only when called by Azurah or Khenarthi, or when called by his oldest name.[4]

Lorkhaj represents the duality of the Khajiit soul and the hardness that the Khajiit must overcome.[4]

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