Lort the Gravedigger is a Breton and the gravekeeper of Pelin Graveyard.


The Waking DarknessEdit

Discover what's behind the dead rising from their graves.


"I know there's a war afoot and all that, but there's a problem here at the graveyard. The corpses are climbing out of their graves! I promise—this isn't my fault! I buried them all real good!"

Do you know why this is happening? "No! I don't know nothing. I was just bringing Prince Adrien in here to lay him to rest in the royal crypt, but when these walking bones started popping up, I ran for it. I-I just left the prince's corpse laying out … but what was I supposed to do?"
Where is the prince's corpse now? "It's up there a ways, outside the royal crypt. One of the prince's knights stayed there to protect him. She can be noble if she wants, but I'd rather be alive. I do feel bad though. That's why I was thinking maybe if I could find someone to help her?"
I can go help her. "If you could find a way to get all those corpses back in the ground while you're up there, I sure would appreciate that. I can't make a living if I can't get into the graveyard!"
How did the prince die? "Died in a battle with the Reachmen—right there with King Eamond. You have to feel for the queen. First she loses her daughter, then her husband and her son. Prince Adrien deserves a proper burial … just maybe after the graveyard's safe again."


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