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Lost Knife Hideout is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a sublocation to Lost Knife Cave, and is one of the strongholds of the Silver Hand. If the Companions questline has not been started, bandits occupy it instead. Its name is also the name used within the map marker for the entire location.


The hideout is an area accessed after walking up through the cave's system of large caverns arranged around a large shallow subterranean lake inside the mountain. Tanning racks and grindstones are near the living quarters in addition to a large, tavern-like room full of food, mead and hunting trophies. A large arena area littered with dead bandits and animals is in the deepest point in the cave. On lower difficulties a bandit thug will spawn in the arena.

Notable items[]

Random Loot[]


Ore veins[]

  • Corundum ore vein – behind the wooden bridge from the tavern area to the arena area.
  • Another Corundum ore vein in the hole where the master level chest is found.
  • Gold ore vein – just beyond the animal cages, in a far corner (on the lower land area where the camp leader is). The exit gate is here as well.
  • Iron ore vein at entry of the hideout (down the stream of water at bridge).
  • Another iron ore vein can be found in the large lake section behind one of the waterfalls. In this same area is a chest and level-appropriate armor.
  • A third iron ore vein can be found in a storage area. Across the earth bridge from the lake section, up the ramp, and across the wooden walkway along the wall. There is also a chest in the storage area.




  • A locked chest is underneath the small waterfall in the second area of the hideout.
  • At higher levels, a non-hostile Sabre Cat may be found wandering outside the cages. It will become hostile if its cage is unlocked, otherwise, it will remain passive.