Lost Knowledge is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Neloth has located another of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books in <book location>. He intends to read it as soon as I bring it to him.


This quest is given by Neloth, who asks the Dragonborn to collect a certain Black Book. This quest is repeatable for as many Black Books there are.

Have you found any other black books?: "Yes. Hermaeus Mora is devious, but then so am I. Now, it's only a rumor of a whisper of a conjecture. But I think this is the place. Now, hurry. That book might contain the final secrets of Xarxes, for all we know."

Upon locating the book, return to Neloth. He remarks:

I have the black book: "Excellent! I'll just make a copy for myself. It's far too dangerous to carry the real book around. Of course, I'm sure you can handle yourself. Of course you can. Of course. Now, take this for your efforts, and we'll call the matter closed."


As well as the reward from the Black Book, the Dragonborn will get 1000 GoldIcon when returning it to Neloth. He will not take the book from the Dragonborn, just make a copy of his own, leaving the Dragonborn free to return to Apocrypha whenever desired, to change the rewards from the book.


Lost Knowledge – DLC2TTR1
IDJournal Entry
100Neloth has located another of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books in <Alias=Dungeon>. He intends to read it as soon as I bring it to him.
  • Objective 100: Retrieve the Black Book
  • Objective 200: Talk to Neloth
300I retrieved one of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books from <Alias=Dungeon> for Neloth.
  • Quest complete


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  •  360   After completing this quest it may still show as an uncompleted quest in the miscellaneous tasks area.
  •  PS3   After retrieving all the books this quest may still be available if you haven't done it before, and so it can't be completed.

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