For the location in Online, see Lost Prospect.

Lost Prospect Mine is a mine found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mine is located in a valley on the eastern edge of The Rift.


It is a small mine, seemingly empty except for a plentiful supply of mushrooms. There is a large cavern with several short tunnels. A waterfall with a secret tunnel behind it is in the center of the cavern.


On a table in the central cavern is the journal of a man named Hadrir. In it, he details how his old friend and business partner Bern came to him after four years with the promise of work in an old gold mine he had purchased "for a song." Upon arrival, however, Hadrir saw why the mine was sold cheap: it was, in his words; "Barely a glorified cave."

To top things off, three weeks of digging got them nowhere: no gold, gems, or anything of value. Hadrir left to purchase supplies in Riften, only to return to find Bern gone. No blood, signs of a struggle or any indication of why Bern left.

Hadrir left the journal behind saying that he "Expected better" of his old friend. To get to the three gold ore veins, jump onto the table, then onto the sconce, then use Whirlwind Sprint into the waterfall. This will reveal a small cave, where the gold veins and a few tools are, along with a skeleton. It is possible to get up there without the shout, using the other side of the water fall.


  • The Dragonborn does not need to know Whirlwind Sprint to get to the other side of the waterfall. Simply stand on the ledge to the left of it and jump straight for it, hugging the wall.
  • A follower can get stuck behind the waterfall. (Fix by exiting the mine.)


Lost Prospect Mine has a large amount of mushrooms for ingredients:



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