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Lover's Comfort is a temporary effect that allows all skills to improve 15% faster for 8 hours. To gain access to this buff, the Dragonborn must have a spouse and have moved into a home. When a marital home is chosen, the player will receive a miscellaneous quest to meet their spouse there. Meet there to finish the quest. One will then be able to sleep with one's spouse in a bed in the marital home. The Dragonborn can also get this bonus by sleeping in any unowned bed if the spouse is a follower.


  • A Werewolf cannot gain this bonus.
  • The Dragonborn may earn this bonus by activating the Lover Stone.
  • To wake up with this bonus, the spouse needs to be in one's presence before going to bed. The spouse does not have to be in the bed, just in the same location. If the spouse is outside of the house, the player will only get the Well Rested bonus.


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  •  360   After the wedding, if the player chooses to move into a house that the Dragonborn's spouse owns, sleeping there gives the Lover's Comfort bonus and later if the couple moves into another house, everything will still work fine. If one asks the spouse to move into a house that the Dragonborn owns and not their house right after the wedding, the player may only get Well Rested, not Lover's Comfort.
    • Solution: If the player already asked their spouse to move into a house that the Dragonborn owns right after the wedding, ask to move into the spouse's house, so the player will then receive a quest to visit their spouse's house. After meeting there, the player may ask the spouse to move into whichever house that is the player's preference, then wait for them to arrive there. From then on, with the spouse around, one will wake up with Lover's Comfort.