"I am Lu'ah Al-Skaven. Who are you to disrupt my work? Begone, or I will add you to my army of the dead!"
―Lu'ah Al-Skaven[src]


Lu'ah Al-Skaven is a Redguard necromancer residing at Ansilvund in Eastmarch. She is the primary antagonist of the quest "A Love Beyond Death." Despite her motives, she will not end her quest for vengeance if the civil war has ended.


Driven mad by the death of her husband, Saeel, she wishes to resurrect him from the dead. Her husband was an Imperial soldier who died in combat twenty five years prior[1] in the Great War.[2] His body was burned before Lu'ah could raise it.

Upon entering the cavern, Lu'ah berates the Dragonborn for "disturbing her work," and then attacks. She is found in the Ansilvund Burial Chambers, lamenting that she could not bring back her husband, before turning hostile. She will be aided by Holgeir and Fjori in the form of draugr. Holgeir and Fjori were to be the vessels of Lu'ah and her late husband, had her experiments not gone awry.[3]



While progressing through the ruins of Ansilvund Lu'ah will talk to the Dragonborn:

  • "I am Lu'ah Al-Skaven. Who are you to disrupt my work? Begone, or I will add you to my army of the dead!" -Warning to the Dragonborn
  • "Rise from your graves to defeat this worm!" -First order to the undead
  • "I could not raise him, but I will raise an army to avenge his defilement!" -Insight on her plans
  • "They burned his body before I could raise him... it should have been returned to me... You will not stop me from killing those who wage this pointless war!" -Motive for her plans, followed by her attacking the Last Dragonborn



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