"Hello, stranger. Luciana Galena. I'm Bravil's Advanced Trainer for the Light Armor discipline."
―Luciana Galena[src]

Luciana Galena

Luciana Galena is a fence in the Thieves Guild. She is also an Expert trainer in Light Armor.

She can, rarely, be found in her home, which is located above the house for sale in Bravil. To get to her house, head south in Bravil and over the bridge towards The Archer's Paradox. Next door and upstairs to the Archer's Paradox is Luciana Galenas House (picking her lock may be required).

She wakes at 8 AM, and heads to The Lonely Suitor Lodge across the street at noon, where she works until 2 AM. On Sundas, she goes to the chapel upon awaking, then the lodge as usual.


  • Regardless of whether the Hero is male or female, she will openly flirt with them.


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