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Lucien Lachance is a Speaker of the Black Hand, the core of the Dark Brotherhood, in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. He is the very first contact and recruiter for the Hero of Kvatch into the Dark Brotherhood. For much of the duration of the Dark Brotherhood questline, he is the Speaker overseeing the Hero. His only formal residence is Fort Farragut, which is located east of Cheydinhal.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Have you not heard of the Dark Brotherhood? Of the remorseless guild of paid assassins and homicidal cutthroats? Join us, and you'll find the Dark Brotherhood to be all that, and so much more. We are, more than anything, a union of like-minded individuals."
―Lucien Lachance[src]

History[edit | edit source]

Lachance is known to have visited Skyrim in his youth. He once stole the eyes of a thief in Riften in retaliation for the thief stealing his purse.[1]

At some point, Lachance joined the Dark Brotherhood, an assassin's guild. When the Speaker of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary died fulfilling a contract, Lachance was promoted to replace them.[2] Shortly afterwards, Lachance began the task of raising and training Ocheeva and Teinaava in the way of the Shadowscale.[3] He later appointed Ocheeva as nominal head of Cheydinhal Sanctuary due to his long absences.

Lachance was responsible for recruiting Antoinetta Marie, having found her "in the gutter" and near death. He also recruited Telaendril, after she managed to kill her father in retaliation for putting a contract on her.

Lachance was said to have brutally murdered an assassin for breaking a tenant, an incident witnessed and recounted by Gogron gro-Bolmog. One of Lachance's known contracts was the murder of a woman at the behest of her husband.

When an unidentified Speaker began searching for a replacement for their dead Silencer, Lachance personally recommended Mathieu Bellamont to the position.[4]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

The Night Mother tasked Lachance with recruiting the Hero of Kvatch after they murdered an innocent. Once the Hero sleeps in any location Lachance deems secure, he pays them a visit and offers them a Blade of Woe, along with an opportunity to join the Dark Brotherhood by killing a man named Rufio at the Inn of Ill Omen.

Once the Hero completes the task, Lachance pays them a second visit and directs them to Cheydinhal Sanctuary. When the Hero receives a contract about helping Francois Motierre fake his death, Lachance personally murders Francois' mother since the Dark Brotherhood refuses to assist Francois without at least one death.[5]

When the Black Hand declares a traitor is likely among the members of Cheydinhal Sanctuary, Lachance requests the Hero - the only one deemed innocent - to Fort Farragut and orders them to perform a Purification on the Sanctuary, killing everyone inside. He gives them a scroll to summon the ghost of Rufio and a poisoned apple to assist in this task.

After the Purification is complete, Lachance promotes the Hero to his personal Silencer, replacing his previous one after they died during a contract. He also rewards the Hero with his personal steed, Shadowmere. From then onward, Lachance intends to give the Hero contracts through a series of dead drops.

Death[edit | edit source]

Lachance meets the Dread Father.

After learning of the deaths of various Black Hand members, Lachance deduced correctly that Ungolim, the Listener of the Black Hand, was the next target, and set out to stop his renegade Silencer from destroying the Dark Brotherhood completely. Lachance arrived in Bravil too late. Ungolim lay dead at the foot of the Lucky Old Lady. Lachance angrily confronted his Silencer, and demanded to know why they had betrayed him and the Brotherhood. After seeing the confusion in the Silencer's eyes however, Lachance realized he was mistaken. The Silencer had been tricked into serving the real traitor, who had not died in the Purification of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, but continued to wreak havoc on the Brotherhood by replacing Lachance's dead drops. Lachance ordered his Silencer to travel to Anvil at once, and lie in wait for the real traitor.

Unfortunately, the Black Hand believed it was Lachance himself who was the traitor, and had begun hunting him day and night and keeping watch of his home. Lachance made his way to Applewatch farm, hoping it to be a suitable hiding place while waiting for his Silencer to return.

However, four members of the Black Hand arrived first. Lachance desperately pleaded his innocence, but the Black Hand would not listen as they set about killing and mutilating his corpse beyond recognition. At one point during the slaughter, Speaker Arquen was said to have feasted on Lachance's entrails. Lachance's naked, mutilated corpse was then strung from the ceiling of the farmhouse, as a reminder to all who would betray the Dark Brotherhood.

When Lachance's Silencer finally arrived, Arquen promoted them as the new Speaker in Lachance's stead and gifted them with Lachance's Black Hand robes.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Lachance was remembered by the Night Mother as a loyal child of Sithis, and the epitome of everything the Dark Brotherhood represents. The Sanctuary in Cheydinhal that had been in his care for many years was entrusted to Arquen, who showed remorse for her part in Lachance's murder, though took solace in the fact that he now serves the Dread Father in the Void.

Lachance appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the Spectral Assassin, continuing to serve the Dark Brotherhood. To acquire the power, the Last Dragonborn must complete the quest "Bound Until Death."

Interactions[edit | edit source]

A Knife in the Dark[edit | edit source]

After murdering an innocent, the Hero is invited by Lachance to join the Dark Brotherhood if they can pass a test first; the Hero must kill Rufio in the Inn of Ill Omen. After doing so, he reveals the location of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal to complete their entry within the Dark Brotherhood.

The Purification[edit | edit source]

The Hero is summoned to Fort Farragut where Lachance orders them to eliminate all Dark Brotherhood members in an effort to rid the Sanctuary of a possible traitor.

A Kiss Before Dying[edit | edit source]

Lachance confronts the Hero in Bravil just after they had murdered Ungolim. Lachance reveals the Hero had been following false orders and unwittingly killing off members of the Black Hand. He orders the Hero to uncover who is behind the false orders.

Following a Lead[edit | edit source]

Lachance is found by the surviving Black Hand at Applewatch farm and murdered. The Hero is promoted to Speaker in his stead and are given Lachance's Black Hand robes. The Night Mother later informs the Black Hand of Lachance's innocence.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Lachance wields a silver shortsword. The only time he may use it is if he is attacked by the Hero when first encountered, otherwise there is no other normal instance in which he is in combat. He wears a Black Hand Robe and Black Hand Hood.

Spells and perks[edit | edit source]

  • Chameleon – Lachance uses this spell during his first and second encounter with the Hero after finishing speaking with them

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: A Knife in the Dark
At various locations after sleeping:

"You sleep rather soundly for a murderer. That's good. You'll need a clear conscience for what I'm about to propose."

[gasp!] Who... Who are you? "I am Lucien Lachance, a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood. And you, you are a killer. A taker of life. A harvester of souls. Your work, your deathcraft, pleases the Night Mother. And so, I come to you with an offering. An opportunity... to join our rather unique family."
Explain yourself. Now. "In due time, dear child. In due time. First, an introduction. I am Lucien Lachance, Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood. And you, you are a cold-blooded killer, capable of taking life without mercy or remorse. The Night Mother has been watching, and she is most pleased. And so, here I am. I come to you with an offering. An opportunity... to join our rather unique family."
[Say nothing.] "You prefer silence, then? As do I, my dear child. As do I. For is silence not the symphony of death, the orchestration of Sithis himself? Ironic, then, that I come to you now as Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood. My name is Lucien Lachance, and my voice is the will of the Night Mother. She's been watching you. Observing as you kill, admiring as you end life without pity or remorse. The Night Mother is most pleased... That is why I stand here before you. I bear an offering. An opportunity... to join our rather unique family..."
Please continue, Mr. Lachance. "Ah, I find your etiquette refreshing."
I'm listening. "Then heed my words, for I will not repeat them."
[Say nothing.] "So, I have your rapt attention. Splendid. Now listen closely."
"On the Green Road to the north of Bravil lies the Inn of Ill Omen. There you will find a man named Rufio. Kill him, and your initiation into the Dark Brotherhood will be complete. Do this, and the next time you sleep in a location I deem secure, I will reveal myself once more, bearing the love of your new family."
Rufio will die by my hand! "Excellent! Now please, accept this token from the Dark Brotherhood. It is a virgin blade, and thirsts for blood. May it serve your endeavors well."
But I'm no murderer... "No? The Night Mother seems to think otherwise. Allow me to grant you a gift, in case you reconsider. It is a virgin blade, and thirsts for blood."
[Say nothing.] "Please accept this token from the Dark Brotherhood. It is a virgin blade, and thirsts for blood. May it serve you well, as does your silence."
"Now, I bid you farewell. I do hope we'll meet again soon."

After killing Rufio:

"So, the deed is done. How do I know this? You will find that the Dark Brotherhood knows a great many things. For you are now part of the family."

My life for the Brotherhood! "Indeed."
Now what? "Now you embrace your fate."
[Say nothing.] "Now heed these words."
"The slaying of Rufio was the signing of a covenant. The manner of execution, your signature. Rufio's blood, the ink. As a Speaker of the Black Hand, I directly oversee a particular group of family members. You will join that group, and fulfill any contracts given. You must now go to the city of Cheydinhal, to the abandoned house near the eastern wall. Enter the basement, and attempt to open the black door. You will be asked a question. Answer thusly: 'Sanguine, my Brother.' You will gain entrance to the Sanctuary. Once inside, speak with Ocheeva. We must now take our leave of each other, you and I, for there is much work to be done. I'll be following... your progress. Welcome to the family."
Show: After starting A Knife in the Dark
At various locations:

Dark Brotherhood "Have you not heard of the Dark Brotherhood? Of the remorseless guild of paid assassins and homicidal cutthroats? Join us, and you'll find the Dark Brotherhood to be all that, and so much more. We are, more than anything, a union of like-minded individuals. We kill for profit, for enjoyment, and for the glory of the Dread Father, Sithis. We are family, with bonds forged in blood and death."
Night Mother "We praise our Unholy Matron. From her shadowed womb we were born, from her breast we suckle malice and pain. She loves her children, you see."
Rufio "Know that Rufio is old and weak, and sleeps his days away. You could kill him before he even has a chance to wake. If you so choose."
Speaker "Yes, I am a Speaker, a representative of the Dark Brotherhood. My voice is the voice of the Black Hand, our organization's ruling body. One of my duties is to find exceptional individuals, such as yourself, and offer a place within our family."
Rumors "Dear Brother/Sister, I do not spread rumors. I create them."
"Your path is clear. Send Rufio to his death, and the Dark Brotherhood will embrace you as family."

Show: After completing A Knife in the Dark
At various locations:

Covenant "Know this. Every Dark Brother and Sister is a child of Sithis. He whom we call Sithis has many other names. Chaos. Doom. Discord. Sithis is the Void. We of the Dark Brotherhood serve the Night Mother, who is the bride of Sithis. The Night Mother rules her children with a terrible Black Hand. The Black Hand is the ruling body of the Dark Brotherhood. It is made up of one Listener and Four Speakers. Four fingers and a thumb, if you will. As a member of the Dark Brotherhood, you must abide by the Five Tenets. They are the laws that guide and protect us."
Five Tenets "The Five Tenets are as follows: Tenet 1: Never dishonor the Night Mother. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis. Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis. Tenet 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a Dark Brotherhood superior. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis. Tenet 4: Never steal the possessions of a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis. Tenet 5: Never kill a Dark Brother or Dark Sister. To do so is to invoke the Wrath of Sithis."
Rufio "Rufio lies dead. Well done. The family will now welcome you with open arms."
Speaker "Yes, I am a Speaker, a representative of the Dark Brotherhood. My voice is the voice of the Black Hand, our organization's ruling body. One of my duties is to find exceptional individuals, such as yourself, and offer a place within our family."
Sithis "How does one best describe our Dread Father? Imagine a perfect, cloudless midnight, cold as winter ice and shrouded in shadow. That is Sithis."
"You are now one with the Dark Brotherhood. Visit Ocheeva at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and your new life will begin."

Show: The Purification
At Fort Farragut:

"I have been waiting for you, assassin. We have not spoken in some time, but I am well aware of your accomplishments within the Dark Brotherhood. That is why I have sent for you. I'm afraid there is a... situation. The time has come to test both your skill and your loyalty to Sithis. The Black Hand has learned that the Dark Brotherhood has been infiltrated. By whom, and for what purpose, we do not yet know. What we do know is that there is some link between the traitor and the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. The traitor has tainted that place beyond repair. It was learned that the traitor has been active for quite some time, since before you joined the Brotherhood. That absolves you of any suspicion."

I will serve you for time immemorial! "And that, dear child, is why the Black Hand has chosen you to perform the ancient rite known as Purification."
Wait, you can't possibly mean... "Oh, but I do. You have been selected by the Black Hand to perform the ancient rite known as Purification."
[Say nothing.] "Listen well, child of Sithis. You have been chosen to perform the ancient rite known as Purification."
"Everyone inside the Sanctuary must die! You must break one of the Tenets you have sworn to uphold. I know this is an unexpected turn of events, but drastic measures must be taken. Ocheeva, Vicente Valtieri, Antoinetta Marie, Gogron gro-Bolmog, Telaendril, M'raaj-Dar and Teinaava. All of these family members must die! From this point forward, you are no longer bound by the Five Tenets! Sithis will forgive any murder, any theft, so long as you serve the Black Hand! When the rite of Purification has been completed, return to me here at Fort Farragut, and we will discuss your future. Now, take these special gifts. They will help you greatly. One is a poisoned apple. The other, a unique scroll of summoning. Good luck... Silencer."
Poisoned Apple "The apple has been treated with a most deadly poison. It will likely kill whomever eats it, probably instantly. To use the apple, simply dispose of any other food and put the apple in its place. If someone is inclined to eat, and they taste the apple... death."
Purification "The Dark Brotherhood is an ancient organization. We have survived for millenia. Sometimes, to ensure that survival, drastic measures are required. The Purification is one of the most extreme measures we are forced to carry out. Indeed, it has only been carried out twice. Before now, that is. The Five Tenets are the laws that guide and protect us. But, sometimes, even they must be broken to protect the sanctity of our beliefs. With a Purification, we cleanse the Dark Brotherhood of mistrust and treachery. Those who are slain are offered to Sithis as a symbol of fealty. And, hopefully, we kill the traitor in the process. Until the Purification is complete, no given Sanctuary will ever be considered secure."
Unique Scroll of Summoning "You of course recall Rufio, the feeble old man I sent you to kill when we first met? He was weak in life, but his spirit is quite angry in death. The scroll will allow you to call upon Rufio's angry ghost for assistance. He will appear, unleash his anger upon your foes, and then disperse."
"Make haste! The Sanctuary must be Purified, if this treachery is to be undone!"

After completing the ritual:

"The ritual of Purification is complete. Well done. Sithis has been appeased, and the time has come to acknowledge and reward your unwavering loyalty. The Black Hand is most pleased with your progress. You have been invited to share in secrets that few within the Dark Brotherhood even know exist. Your life in the Sanctuary is over. Those contracts are behind you. Now, you will serve the Black Hand. You will serve me. From this moment forward, you will walk the shadows as my Silencer. You will receive contracts only from me. Your new life has begun."

All hail Sithis! All hail the Void! "Hail Sithis indeed, my child! Now listen closely."
But... But what must I now do? "Now you embrace your fate."
[Say nothing.] "Listen well, child."
"No longer will you receive orders directly. Instead, you will visit dead drop locations scattered throughout Cyrodiil. Your next contract can be found at the dead drop on Hero Hill, southeast of here. A hollow in the moss-covered rock contains all you need to know. When you leave here, we will not speak again, unless I deem it necessary. Ah yes, there is one last thing. I have for you a very special gift. Waiting just outside is a magnificent steed named Shadowmere. She has served me well. I present her now to you, as a token of my trust and love. Now go, and may Sithis guide you in this new stage of your life's dark journey."
Silencer "The Black Hand is the Dark Brotherhood's ruling council. That hand consists of four Speakers and one Listener. Four fingers and a thumb, as it were. This you already know. What is not commonly known among our family members is that the Black Hand employs a few... additional numbers. As every hand has fingers, does not every finger have a nail? A claw? A talon? Every finger of the hand, every Speaker, has such a nail. These are the Silencers. Each Speaker employs his or her own private assassin, to extend their reach and strike forth as necessary. My previous Silencer perished while fulfilling a contract. That emptiness has now been filled by you. It is an honor without equal."
"Go now, Child of Sithis. Walk in the shadow of fear, and bring glory to our Dread Father."
Show: A Kiss Before Dying
In Bravil:

"No! No, I'm too late! I thought I could get here in time, thought I could stop you! By Sithis, what have you done? What madness has claimed you? You have betrayed me, you have betrayed the Dark Brotherhood! Why? I am here to end your miserable life, to... But... I can see the confusion in your eyes. You... You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

No! What are you talking about?
Of course! Now I understand...
[Say nothing.]
"Your first dead drop contract, you carried that out, killed Celedaen. After that, you eliminated the Draconis family, as ordered. Then, betrayal! Your dead drops went unvisited, your targets ignored. Instead, you have been systematically killing off all the members of the Black Hand! J'Ghasta, Shaleez, Alval Uvani, Havilstein Hoar-Blood -- Speakers and Silencers all. And Ungolim... the Listener himself! The surviving members of the Black Hand know that you're innocent, they know you were only following orders. They believe I am the traitor!"
I am yours to command, Speaker!
Let me guess. You have a plan?
[Say nothing.]
"The traitor somehow switched your orders, and has been sending you to the wrong dead drops. You and I have been deceived, dear friend. We must find out who is behind this betrayal! We haven't much time... I am hunted day and night by the Black Hand! They want me dead! Here is what you must do. Go now to your next dead drop, lie in wait, and confront whomever drops off the false contract! Uncover the true traitor's identity, and then come see me. I'll be in hiding. Fort Farragut is no longer secure. It's under watch by the Black Hand. I'll wait for you at Applewatch, the farm where you killed the old Draconis woman. It should be empty, and safe. Now go! And may Sithis help us all!"
Rumors "Are you mad? My life is on the line and the entire Brotherhood is at stake! We don't have time for this nonsense!"
"Go now! Learn the identity of the betrayer so we can end this madness, and restore the authority of the Black Hand."

If approached at Applewatch before going to Anvil:

"You return to me, yet you bear no news? Go, Silencer, uncover the identity of the traitor! The fate of the Dark Brotherhood rests in your hands!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lachance is voiced by Wes Johnson, who also voices most other male Imperials, as well as Sheogorath.
  • The surname 'Lachance' is of Breton origin, however, his given name and in-game race are Imperial.
  • "Lachance" means "the luck" in French.
  • Under certain conditions, if asked about rumors, Lachance's voice will change into that of a regular Imperial male.
  • If attacked directly after his appearance in your quarters during recruitment, Lachance may be killed, ending any chance of joining the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Lachance is featured in The Elder Scrolls: Legends under his own name.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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Speaker of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary
Unidentified Female Speaker 3E ???–3E 433 Arquen
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