Not to be confused with Luckless Lucina.
"Let the Weeping Cease"
Lord Faleria's inscription on Lucina's epitaph[src]

Lucina Faleria was the daughter of Lord Nunex Faleria and Lady Faleria.[1]


Lucina was born in 1E 374 as the first child of Lord and Lady Faleria.[1] Her father was an Imperial and her mother was an Ayleid, though Lucina had mostly elven traits. As such, her parents never allowed her to go outside Fort Faleria as the Alessian Empire would banish or execute her due to the First Pogrom.[2] Lucina was 12-years-old when her mother died during childbirth.[3]

On the 19th Sun's Dawn, 1E 421, Lucina went with her family to speak to their father, just after he had finished performing a dangerous ritual to wipe out the Alessian Army at their gate. It was too late for Lord Faleria to cancel the ritual, and the darkness he summoned inadvertently killed Lucina. Lord Faleria buried her with her brother Ianus on the surface, where he never allowed his children to go, writing "Let the Weeping Cease" on her epitaph.[1][2]




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