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Luck is a primary attribute that is described in-game as "affecting every action you do in a small way." Although an overstatement (for instance it does not affect jumping or running), it does play a role in a vast number of actions.


Luck is the only attribute that does not directly govern any skills, and its bonus multiplier at level-up is dependent on how many times Luck affected the outcome of player actions instead of how many times a skill governed by it has leveled. As a result it is very rare to see even a x 2 multiplier which makes this atribute the hardest to increase. While Luck generally does not affect the quality or quantity of results when using skills, it does affect the chance of success when attempting skill-related tasks, including: casting a spell, crafting a potion, enchanting an item, lockpicking, negotiating a price with a merchant, repairing items, and sneaking without being detected.


In combat Luck affects the chance of evading an enemy's attack, blocking if equipped with a shield, and hitting a target with a weapon or spell. It is not a factor in reducing damage occurred from attacks upon being hit.

Comparison to other Elder Scrolls gamesEdit

Unlike Morrowind's predecessor Daggerfall, Luck does not affect the quality of random loot found during gameplay. Although Luck is generally regarded as being less predominant to gameplay in Morrowind than in its successor, Oblivion, it should be raised to a minimum of 50 to avoid being at a disadvantage in terms of the chance of success when using skills.


Luck is a unique attribute in Morrowind by being equal for all characters at the beginning of the game, regardless of race or gender. All characters start with 40 Luck. None of the birthsigns provide a bonus to this attribute, and no classes receive a bonus to Luck. However, it is possible to create a character with a custom class and select Luck as a favored attribute to begin the game with 50.


Luck is one of three factors in determining the charge cost of using enchanted items, along with the Enchant skill and Intelligence attribute. By increasing these factors, enchanted items can be used more often before needing to be recharged.

The following items increase, lower, or restore Luck. (They may have additional effects – see articles for further details.)

Note: Damage effects persist until restored; Drain effects are temporary; Constant effects cannot be dispelled.


There is only one piece of armor that affects luck in Morrowind, the expansion packs, and official plug-in. It was added to the game in the Siege at Firemoth plug-in.

Enchanted Armor and Shields
Piece Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Ward of Akavir (Siege at Firemoth plug-in) Medium Shield Fortify 25 Constant Self Ward of Akavir


Enchanted Clothing and Jewelry
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Belt of Jack of Trades Belt Fortify 1–10 5 Self belt of jack of trades
Black Jinx Ring Absorb 10–50 120 Touch ring_blackjinx_uniq
Caius' Ring Ring Fortify 20 30 Self Cauis_ring
Gambolpuddy Right Glove Fortify 15–30 30 Self extravagant_rt_art_wild
Hex Charm Amulet Damage 1–20 1 Touch hex charm
Left Hand of Zenithar Left Glove Fortify 5 Constant Self Left_Hand_of_Zenithar


First Effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
Item Drain Fortify Restore First Effect Item ID
Chokeweed ingred_chokeweed_01
Corkbulb Root ingred_corkbulb_root_01
Corprus Weepings ingred_corprus_weepings_01
Crab Meat ingred_crab_meat_01
Dreugh Wax ingred_dreugh_wax_01
Gold Kanet ingred_gold_kanet_01
Gravetar BM ingred_gravetar_01
Guar Hide ingred_guar_hide_01
Hackle-Lo Leaf ingred_hackle-lo_leaf_01
Hypha Facia ingred_bc_hypha_facia
Kresh Fiber ingred_kresh_fiber_01
Moon Sugar ingred_moon_sugar_01
Roland's Tear ingred_gold_kanet_unique
Stoneflower Petals ingred_stoneflower_petals_01

Potions Edit

Potions and Beverages
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Item ID
Fortify Potions
Bargain Potion of Fortify Luck Fortify 5 8 p_fortify_luck_b
Cheap Potion of Fortify Luck Fortify 8 15 p_fortify_luck_c
Standard Fortify Luck Potion Fortify 10 30 p_fortify_luck_s
Quality Potion of Fortify Luck Fortify 15 45 p_fortify_luck_q
Exclusive Fortify Luck Fortify 20 60 p_fortify_luck_e
Restore Potions
Bargain Restore Luck Restore 5 - p_restore_luck_b
Cheap Restore Luck Restore 8 - p_restore_luck_c
Standard Potion of Restore Luck Restore 10 - p_restore_luck_s
Quality Restore Luck Restore 15 - p_restore_luck_q
Exclusive Restore Luck Restore 20 - p_restore_luck_e
Spoiled Cure Disease Potion Drain 15 40 p_drain_luck_q


Enchanted Scrolls
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Scroll of Black Fate Damage 5–15 10 Touch sc_blackfate
Scroll of Bodily Restoration BM Restore 20 1 Self sc_bodily_restoration
Scroll of Grey Fate Drain 15–25 20 Target sc_greyfate
Scroll of Red Fate Absorb 20–40 10 Touch sc_redfate
Scroll of the Gambler's Prayer Fortify 15–45 60 Self sc_gamblersprayer
Scroll of the Mind Feeder Absorb 0–20 30 Touch sc_mindfeeder


Enchanted Weapons
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Clutterbane Blunt 1H Absorb 10 1 Touch clutterbane
Haakon's Lucky Break BM Blunt 2H Fortify 1–50 30 Self Lucky_Break
Silver Staff of Chastening Blunt 2H Damage 5–12 1 Touch silver staff of chastening
Steel Staff of Chastening Blunt 2H Damage 3–8 1 Touch steel staff of chastening
Sunder Blunt 1H Fortify 20 Constant Self sunder

Spells and effectsEdit


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