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Lunar Weapons are leveled enchanted weapons that can be found at Silent Moons Camp.


It is hinted at in the book next to the Lunar Forge that these weapons can be created when the two moons (Masser and Secunda) are full. This has yet to be proven, although the weapons can be disenchanted to learn the Silent Moons Enchant.

All of the lunar weapons share the same enchantment, which deals extra damage when any of the moons are out.

Silent Moons Camp[]

Silent Moons Camp is a bandit hideout where a group of bandits have set up camp. At the top, there is small barrow housing the Lunar ForgeNotes on the Lunar Forge which is found only there, as well as a copy of the Light Armor Forging Smithing skill book.

There are four lunar weapons that can be found at the Silent Moons Camp:

  • Two outside at the top of the barrow, on a table near the forge.
  • On the bottom of the bookcase to your left in the small room that exits outside.
  • Another outside, just above the exit on the second floor.

The Lunar weapons found here respawn every so often.


There are six different lunar weapons:

*The type and enchantment power are based on character level.