Werewolf (Skyrim)

A Werewolf in Skyrim.

Lycanthropes are mortals who have been affected by Lycanthropy, a condition that transforms them into a large hybrid of humanoid and animal. Lycanthropy was created by the Daedric Prince Hircine, and has remained a controversial subject in Tamriel.[1] Some lycanthropes view the condition as a gift from Hircine, while others see it as a curse that they wish to rid themselves of. There are eight recorded variations of lycanthropes on Tamriel.

Types of lycanthropesEdit


The Werebear is believed to exist in Skyrim, supposedly as the most common type of lycanthrope in the province, although they also appear on the island of Solstheim.[2] This could potentially be due to the fact that Solstheim is in close proximity to Skyrim, and a population of werebears could have migrated there.


The Werewolf is the only lycanthrope known to be found everywhere in Tamriel.[2] They are confirmed to have a connection with Hircine, and are often described as his hounds. Werewolves are arguably the most well-known lycanthrope on Tamriel.

The Circle, an elite group of warriors within The Companions, is comprised of werewolves. Lycanthropy is passed down to new members through a blood ritual upon their admittance into the Circle.[3]


Werecrocodiles exist in Black Marsh and southern Morrowind. Only Argonians are known to transform into werecrocodiles.[2] Werecrocodiles have yet to appear in any game in the series.


Werelions have been found in Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, and in certain regions of Elsweyr.[2] While they are said to be quite common, they have yet to appear in any game.


Werevultures supposedly exist in Valenwood, although they are said to be quite rare.[2] They have yet to appear in any game.


Wereboars can be found in both High Rock and Hammerfell, and are one of the more common varieties of lycanthrope.[2]


Weresharks are believed to roam the oceans around Tamriel. Their existence has never been confirmed, and the only evidence to support their existence are rumors across Tamriel.[2]


Werebats sometimes serve as guardians to Vampire clans, and are commonly found in Valenwood.[2]


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