A Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Lycanthropy (also known as Sanies Lupinus in Morrowind) is a disease that causes the victim to transform into a were-creature and is generally contracted by being bitten by a pre-existing one. All races can contract Lycanthropy; however, Argonians and Bosmer are somewhat resistant because of their racial resistance to disease.

Lycanthropy itself was created by Hircine, who now serves as the guardian of the people infected with Lycanthropy. This disease gives the infected a bloodlust, meaning they must kill every time they transform. It is believed that a cure for this disease exists in the Glenpoint foothills of High Rock.[1][2]

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A common misconception is that the form a person takes upon contracting Lycanthropy varies according to their species. Although a particular type of Lycanthropy is more common in a certain province, there is no evidence to suggest the type is solely based on the race of the afflicted.[3]

These certain types of lycanthropy can be found mainly in their originating homelands, however partial amounts of the creatures can be seen in neighboring provinces.

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  • The term "Lycanthropy" is incorrectly used to refer to any sort of were-creature instead of solely werewolves. Lycanthrope comes from the Greek "lykos" meaning wolf and "ànthrōpos" meaning human. The correct term is therianthropy. This semantic error is acknowledged and explained in the book On Lycanthropy:
"Because the werewolf is the most ubiquitous of lycanthropes, the term lycanthropy has been used since ancient days to describe the disease that transforms men into half-beast, although lycanthrope only strictly should refer to men who change into werewolves."

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