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Not to be confused with Xero-Lyg.
"I give my soul to the Magna Ge, sayeth the joyous in Paradise, for they created Mehrunes the Razor in secret, in the very bowels of Lyg, the domain of the Upstart who vanishes."
Mankar Camoran[src]

Lyg, also known as the Adjacent Place,[1][UL 1] is a parallel version of Tamriel which can only be reached by sliding sideways in some unusual manner,[1][UL 1] only being entered through its "non-cardinal" directions.[2] The realm was said to have been created during a strange occurrence in which Nirn was folded up, with Tamriel leaving a klecksographic imprint of itself in some unknown location, that being Lyg.[UL 2] Everything vaguely associated with Tamriel is, in turn, related to Lyg in some way.[UL 3] Lyg is said by Vivec to be an illusion of "the vocal or the middle realms of thought."


The Grabbers[]

In the 36 Lessons, Lyg is said to be populated by a strange race of beings known as the Grabbers which are said to have "never made a city of their own." In their admiration of Vivec's City, the Grabbers took his monster/child, Ha-Note, and built their tower-hope on it, turning him into City-Face.[1]

It is possible that the mythical Grabbers of Lyg were, in actuality, the Magna Ge, and that Vivec's child, City-Face, may be an allegorical reference towards Mehrunes Dagon. This finds its basis in the legend that Mehrunes Dagon was formed by the Magna Ge, within the deepest bowels of Lyg, in which they installed with Oblivion's most precious and scarce asset; "hope."[1][3]

The Dreughs[]

Lyg was said to at one point have been ruled by evil Dreughs, taken the form of "time-totems of old," who enslaved the world with their mocking and profane powers. When Mehrunes was born, he struck down Lyg and "cracked his face," proclaiming its inhabitants free from the cruel rulership of the Dreughs.[3] This event is known as the "fall of Lyg," which marks the beginning of Molag Bal's reign over Coldharbour,[UL 4] as before then, Molag Bal took the form of the Dreugh's chief lord and god, the Ruddy Man.[4]


"Suns were riven as your red legions moved from Lyg to the hinterlands of chill, a legion for each Get, and Kuri was thrown down and Djaf was thrown down and Horma-Gile was crushed with coldsalt and forevermore called Hor and so shall it be again under the time of Gates."
Mankar Camoran[src]

The following are locations said to have been destroyed by the uprising initiated by Mehrunes Dagon:[3]

  • Kuri and Djaf: Cities that were "thrown down."
  • Galg and Mor-Galg: Two cities thrown down together in the same "single night of day."
  • Horma-Gile: Crushed with "coldsalt" and known as Hor afterwards.
  • Malbioge: An old "City of Chains" that was "thrown down," said to have been "slaked in newbone-warmth and set Free."




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