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Lynly Star-Sung is a Nord bard and barmaid residing in the town of Ivarstead. She works as the barmaid and can be seen playing various tunes at the Vilemyr Inn.


The Lover's Requital[]

Sibbi Black-Briar asks the Dragonborn to locate his former lover, Svidi, and report back to him. After confronting Lynly, she will reveal that the name Lynly is fake, and that her real name is Svidi. Svidi was once the lover of Sibbi Black-Briar, but when her brother, Wulfur, was murdered by Sibbi, Svidi had him arrested. Now, she is hiding in fear under the alias Lynly Star-Sung.

Bard songs[]

Lynly will play songs for 5 Gold or, if the Dragonborn has a high enough Speech skill, they may compliment her, and she will play a special tune for free. She only plays the lute and cannot take the normal requests.


  • Sibbi describes Lynly as having long black hair, but she has short blonde when met, hinting that she tried her best to completely change her identity.
  • Despite telling Sibbi of Svidi's whereabouts, nothing happens to her.