"I feel powerful enough to take on Umaril the Unfeathered, himself! I feel ... like a warrior again!"
―Lyris to the Vestige, after regaining her axe[src]

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord and partial giant who is a member of the original Five Companions. She is encountered while fleeing from Coldharbour through The Wailing Prison. She points the way towards The Prophet, while later on, she will play an important role in the main questline.


Lyris was born to Gjalder, a Nord man who was a descendant of giants. Due to Lyris' giant blood, she was a considerably large infant and her mother died in childbirth as a result. Lyris was raised by her father in Skyrim, who believed his wife's death was on his hands, but loved Lyris dearly none-the-less. Lyris later left for Cyrodiil and enlisted in the Imperial Legion, enduring constant harassment from her fellow soldiers during her training due to her height. Lyris rose up through the ranks and eventually became one of Emperor Varen Aquilarios' most trusted advisors, forming the Five Companions with him, alongside Councillor Abnur Tharn, Dragonguard leader Sai Sahan, and Battlemage Mannimarco. The Companions set out to find the Amulet of Kings between 2E 580 and 582, as Varen believed it to be the key to legitimizing his rule as Emperor. When they located the Amulet, the Companions initiated a ritual upon the Dragonfires to proclaim Varen as a Dragonborn. However, they were tricked my Mannimarco during the ritual, who used the Amulet to extinguish the Dragonfires and cause a tear between Mundus and Oblivion in an event known as the Soulburst, allowing his master Molag Bal to invade Tamriel and begin his Planemeld. Bal captured Lyris and Sai Sahan, keeping them prisoners in Coldharbour.


Soul Shriven in Coldharbour

Lyris guides the Vestige out of Coldharbour. She reveals that she is still alive, but her and The Prophet are still prisoners there. She rescues The Prophet from his cell, but in return she takes his place.

The Harborage

Daughter of Giants

The Vestige must help her overcome her fears to escape Coldharbour. Lyris' mother died in childbirth, and she always felt that her father blamed her for her mother's death. She was teased during training for her size.

Chasing Shadows

Castle of the Worm

Halls of Torment

Valley of Blades

Shadow of Sancre Tor

Council of the Five Companions

God of Schemes


Show: Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
In Coldharbour:

"Whoa, there! Are you all right? The name's Lyris. I hope you've still got some fight left in you. You're going to need it. Dead. Must have been the runt of the litter. (When spotting the nearby corpse) Keep your weapon ready and stay sharp. This place is full of surprises."

After killing the Dremora Kynval:

"Keep moving! There are more Daedra on the way!"

After killing the second Dremora Kynval:

"Let's get out of here, my friend."

After talking to the Prophet:

"Hold a moment. Come here, we need to talk. The Prophet! He's a prisoner here, too. It was very dangerous for him to speak to you, even for a moment. He must think you can help me."

Help you do what? "Break him out, of course! Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. That blind old man is the only person alive who can help us get back home. Tamriel's a long way from here."
Where do we go from here? "These tunnels will eventually take us to the Towers of Eyes. That's where we'll find the Sentinels."
What are these Sentinels? "Magical constructs created by Molag Bal to guide his vision in Coldharbour. The Sentinels are connected. If we destroy one, the others will be blinded. With any luck, that will buy us the time we need to free the Prophet."
How can we destroy it? "I've no idea. Brute force? We'll find a way. We have to. Be ready for anything. I doubt Molag Bal left the Sentinels unguarded."
I have so many questions. "I'm sure you do. And I'll answer them as best I can."
Who is this Prophet? "He's a strange one, no doubt about it, but he's the wisest man I've ever met. He sees things. The past, the future."
What is this place? Where am I? "You're obviously not in Tamriel anymore. Think of the most miserable, depressing place you've ever been in your life. That's paradise compared to Coldharbour. And to top it off, welll ... there is no easy way to say it. You're dead."
Then how are we having this conversation? "I don't know. Once we rescue the Prophet, he can tell you about the Gods and the ways of Oblivion. I don't understand any of it, myself."
If I'm dead, who killed me? "A man named Mannimarco. His Worm Cult is doing some kind of ritual back in Tamriel. They sacrificed you, and everyone in this prison, to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. After you died, whatever was left showed up here. They call you the Soul Shriven."
What does that mean? "It means you're a slave and you'll spend the rest of eternity here in Coldharbour, working under the lash of the Daedra. Unless of course, you come with me."
Are you dead, too? "No, I wasn't sacrificed. The Prophet and I were brought here ... conventionally, if that makes any sense. But we're prisoners here, same as you."
How can we rescue the Prophet? "It won't be easy. The place is watched by magical construct called Sentinels. We won't stand a chance unless we can blind them. I'll tell you more when we get there. And we'll never get there if we don't get moving."

"We should keep moving."

After leaving the prison:

"The God of Schemes can see every part of Coldharbour. We need to distract him."

When approaching a Coldharbour Sentinel:

"Try to be inconspicious. We just got free of this place. The last thing we need is to get recaptured."
"I'll keep watch."

After destroying a Coldharbour Sentinel and trying to reach the Prophet's cell:

"Herma-Mora's wagging tongue! The door's warded. We'll never get in this way."
"Damn it! Destroying the Sentinel must have triggered these wards. We'll need to find another way in. Hmm. Maybe Cadwell can help us."

Who's Cadwell? "Cadwell is the oldest of the Soul Shriven. After years of torment, Soul Shriven usually go insane and turn feral, but not Cadwell. He was already insane before he left Tamriel. Mad as a box of frogs, but completely harmless. You'll see."
How can a madman possibly help us? "Cadwell sees things as he wishes them to be. To him, Coldharbour is a wondrous place. It's his home. And he knows it like the back of his hand. He's usually down by the river. Let's go find him."

After speaking to Cadwell:

"Cadwell seems to think this Undercroft is a delightful place. That probably means it's a death trap. We'd better be careful."

When in front of The Undercroft:

"The sooner you get that door open, the sooner we can get out of here."
"This place stinks of death and decay."

When approaching the Prophet's Cage:

"The Prophet's cage should be just ahead. Quickly, now! We haven't much time."
"All right. The good news is, we made it here in one piece and the Prophet looks unharmed. Now the bad news. It's going to be up to you to keep him safe and get him back to Tamriel. I'm not going with you."
"There's a trick to opening the cell. The only way for a prisoner to leave is for another living soul to take their place. I need to swap places with the Prophet."

There's no other way? "Believe me, I wish there was. But ... I don't see anyone else here with a beating heart, do you? If Molag Bal isn't stopped he'll destroy everyone and everything we've ever loved."
I'm ready when you are. "Once it's done, get moving. The Prophet will know where to go, but he'll need your eyes, and your protection."
Show: Daughter of Giants
In Coldharbour:

"You! You're alive! Are you really here, or is this another trick?"

It's me. The Prophet sent me to find you. "Then he's still alive. Thank the gods! But, you! You can't stay! You have to leave before they find you here!"
I'm not leaving without you. "You don't understand. They've ... done something to me. I can't leave!"
What do you mean? "It's hard to describe. My memories, my feelings, they've been fragmented. Ripped apart. And all the fragmented pieces have been locked away in different parts of the Foundry."
Then we'll retrieve them. "I've tried. The Daedra took everything. My willpower, my courage, my sense of self. I'm an empty shell. The fragments are reflections of my worst fears and most painful memories. I can't ... I don't think I can face them."
We'll face them together. Come on.

"I'll do my best. Lead on."

While walking:

"These lost souls are barely aware of their humanity. The guards don't even beat them anymore."

While approaching Lyris's regret:

"This can't be! It ... it looks like my childhood home in Skyrim! My parent's graves. My mother died in childbirth. My father was distant. Cold. I think he blamed me for my mother's death. I ran off to become a mercenary when I was sixteen. I never saw my father again. He was murdered by an old enemy. Father? Papa, is that you?"

After Lyris spoke to her father:

"He's gone. Come on, let's get out of here."
"This place is a labyrinth of hopelessness, built to compound the misery of those who labor here."

While approaching Lyris's Solitude:

"Careful, keep your head down."

After searching the footlockers:

"Did you find something?"

I believe this armor belongs to you. "I can't believe it! This armor is who I am. It's what I am. A warrior without her armor is like a bear without claws."
Suit up. I'll wait.

After Lyris puts her armor on:

"Excellent. I'm ready."

While walking through the Paths of Toil:

"Watch your step. All the mining has made these tunnels unstable."

After Lyris retreives her axe:

"It's good to have you back. Are you thirsty for Daedric blood, old friend?"
"My axe! It feels good to have it back. It's part of me. Losing it was like losing an arm."

Why would Tharn try to help you? "I don't know. I don't trust him and I never will. But it's odd. The blind hatred I felt when I saw him? I could have strangled him with my bare hands. But now ... I think he was right. That hatred was poisoning me."
How do you feel, now? "Better. Stronger. Almost whole again. Isn't that strange? I feel powerful enough to take on Umaril the Unfeathered, himself! I feel ... like a warrior again!"
What's next? "We're not done yet. We need to keep moving forward. The passage is blocked by a rock slide, but now that I have my axe back I might be able to break through it."
Let's check it out.

"Stand back. No damned pile of pebbles is going to stop me now!"

After the rocks are broken and the Ogrim is approached:

"So many Daedric beasties, so little time. We need to keep moving."

Inside the Prison of Echoes:

"Did you hear that? That sounded like ... no, it couldn't be."

After Lyris spoke to Sai Sahan:

"That was no trick. That was Sai Sahan!"

Are you going to be all right? "Sai's a friend. Maybe my best friend. We need to find him and get him out of there!"
There must be a way to find out where they're keeping him. "We need to tell the Prophet about this. He'll know what to do. But first, we need to find a way out of here. I don't care what else they throw at us, nothing's going to keep me from helping Sai."
Let's go.

While approaching Lyris' Terror:

"Something's wrong. All the doubt, the fear, the loneliness ... it's all coming back! I ... I have to push through this! Let's go!"
"Stendarr defend us! That thing! It's the source of all my fears! I can hear it whispering to me. Taunting me!"

After defeating the Manifestation of Terror:

"We did it! The voices ... the whispering ... it's gone! This whole time, it was like watching myself from a distance. I felt ... disconnected. But now, this is the best I've felt in years. Like I've been reborn! And I owe it all to you. Thank you. Let's get out of here! We need to rescue Sai, then we've got a world to save!"


Abnur Tharn

Lyris: "Abnur Tharn, you traitorous bastard! I should have expected to find you here!"
Abnur: "Don't be a fool, Titanborn. I'm trying to help you. Your hatred poisons you. Warriors are like steel. When you lose temper, you lose your worth."
Lyris: "Help me? You betrayed us all, then went back to licking Mannimarco's boot before the smoke cleared!"
Abnur: "I did what I had to do. And, as a show of my good intentions, I have a gift for you. But, be warned. Coldharbour will not give it up, easily."
Lyris: "Is that ... ? Shor's bones, it is! Vestige, that's my battle axe!"


Ragjar: "Lyris? Is this true, child?"
Lyris: "You were always so cold. So distant. My mother died giving my life. It was my fault! I should never have been born!"
Ragjar: "Lyris, look at me. The blood of giants flows through my veins. Your mother was a Nord. I gave her my seed without thought for her safety. That's why she died. Not because of you, child. Because of me!"
Lyris: "I thought you blame me. You ... you couldn't even look at me, Papa!"
Ragjar: "Do you not see? When I looked at you, I saw her face. I loved her, child. Just as I love you―more than life itself. We cannot change the past, nor should we cling to it. You must not let these feelings haunt you. Let them go. Let me go."
Lyris: "I love you too, Papa. Rest now. Be at peace."

Sai Sahan

Lyris: "Sai! What's happened to you? What have they done?"
Sai: "Lyris! Lyris, I can see you! Are you really there?"
Lyris: "Sai, it's me! We're seeing some kind of vision of you. Do you know where you are?"
Sai: "I ... I don't know. They're torturing me. They ... want the Amulet of Kings. Want me to tell them where it's hidden. But I haven't broken. Not yet."
Lyris: "Sai, you need to hold on. We're going to find you. I'll make sure of it. We'll find you! Somehow, we'll get you out of here! Sai? Sai! No! Bring him back, you bastards!"

The Prophet

The Prophet: "Lyris, child. Are you all right?"
Lyris: "Yes, Prophet. I'm fine. The Vestige freed my mind from the Daedra's control."
The Prophet: "Thank the Divines. Your loss would have thrown all into chaos."
Lyris: "They won't take me again. Not alive, at least. Prophet, Mannimarco captured Sai Sahan! He's torturing him to find out where the Amulet of Kings is hidden. We have to rescue him!"


  • "I don't like this. But if it's the only way to find Sai Sahan, I'm with you." — (Before entering Coldharbour during Castle of the Worm)





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