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―King Lysandus[src]

TES2 Vengeance

Lysandus was a former King of Daggerfall, ruling after the death of his father Arslan II. Lysandus was killed under mysterious circumstances at the beginning of the Battle of Cryngaine Field, at the end of the War for Betony. His widow was Mynisera, who was the dowager Queen of Daggerfall. His son and successor is Gothryd, the current King of Daggerfall. Lysandus' mother is Nulfaga, the so-called Mad Witch.

A year after his death, he rose from the grave. With his spectral army, he haunted the streets of Daggerfall, shouting "Vengeance...." Shortly after his specter's appearance, a mysterious agent was sent by Emperor Uriel Septim VII to investigate the death of Lysandus.

After a long journey, the agent uncovered that Lysandus had been killed by Lord Woodborne, a noble from Wayrest. It is obvious that Wayrest acts on opportunities that they received in the War for Betony. The agent eventually avenged Lysandus, and Lysandus' spirit was laid to rest.


  • The Daggerfall Chronicles states that Lysandus's year of birth is 3E 314, however that is impossible since in the same guide his parents' birth date is placed after that.[1]



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