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"Here Mehrunes Dagon held this rock high above the Dunmer. Vivec taunted Mehrines Dagon so that Dagon threw the rock at Vivec instead of the people."
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Maar Gan Shrine is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in Maar Gan in the Ashlands. It is a Redoran building, that house a Dunmer sacred site, it belongs to the Tribunal Temple. Inside, in the main room, there is a unique shrine, known as the Magic Rock of Maar Gan surrounded by offerings. There is a peaceful Dremora, and as part of the pilgrimage, the Daedra must be taunted into battle, to re-enact the legendary battle between Vivec and the Daedric Prince,[1] which is the only way to receive the shrine's blessing that fortifies personality and fortifies speechcraft by 10 points for 48 minutes.




Pilgrimage to Maar Gan

Once the Nerevarine has removed the False Incarnate from Suran, Tuls Valen in Ald'ruhn will give the Nerevarine a new quest. The Nerevarine must perform a pilgrimage to the shrine in Maar Gan, a place where Vivec defended his people from Mehrunes Dagon.

Master Index

Folms Mirel tells the Nerevarine of Propylon Indexes which can be assembled to create a master index that would allow teleportation between the Caldera Mages Guild hall and Propylon Chambers discovered in the Dunmer Strongholds located throughout Vvardenfell.

Find Mathis Dalobar

The Nerevarine must help a stranded trader for House Redoran.

Notable items




  1. Events during the quest "Pilgrimage to Maar Gan"
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