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Mabjaarn Flame-Hair was a Nordic Queen of Windhelm during the Second Era,[1] and was known to have worn the Crown of Freydis during her reign.[2] She had three known children, her eldest daughter, Nurnhilde, and younger son, Jorunn, whom she gave birth to in 2E 546.[1] Her third child, Fildgor Strong-Prince, was the leader of the Stormfist Brigade until his death by the hands of his brother Jorunn.[3] Both Mabjaarn and Nurnhilde were killed while fighting the Akaviri of Dir-Kamal during the Sack of Windhelm, in 2E 572.[1]


  • It is rumored that Mabjaarn was outdrank in a mead-slamming contest with Princess Ayrenn, who would have been no older than 17 years old.[4]



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