Zebba Asharnalit

The mabrigash Zebba Asharnalit.

"We are the Ashlander witch-warriors, women who defy the man's rules of behavior for women, mastering the man's weapons of war and the sorcerer's powerful magics. Craven men whine that we steal their vital essences to feed our dark purposes. But men are fools and cowards. Only women can understand the secrets of the ghost snake and its hidden mysteries that make men tremble like maidens."

Mabrigash is an Ashlanders class title in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Mabrigash are witch-warriors and former wise-women who live on the fringes of Ashlander society. They have defied the patriarchal rules of behavior that govern their culture, and are thus outcasts. They use a unique spell, known as Ghost Snake, which paralyzes and drains a victim's vitality. They are mostly hostile to the Nerevarine and will tend to attack in groups of three.


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Shishi Yanumibaal

Shishi Yanumibaal



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