The Mace of Doom is a powerful test weapon included, but hidden, in the game. It is an ebony mace that is enchanted with 17 points of Fire Damage in a 10-foot radius for 5 seconds. Despite clearly being a mace, the weapon is categorized as a blade weapon.

Obtaining the weapon[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to obtain the weapon is to add it directly to the inventory: player.AddItem 000936B3 1

For those playing on a console, there is a way to obtain the weapon using an exploit within one of the plug-ins. To do so, the Wizard's Tower official plug-in installed. Enter the spire, teleport to the living space, and stand in the garden dedicated to Oblivion plants, such as Bloodgrass. Facing the entrance to the garden, stand in the leftmost red glowing light. Save the game, then deactivate or uninstall the plug-in from the storage device it is on; it can be re-downloaded for free later.

Start the game back up and load the file. A message will appear stating that some content may be missing from the save; load the file anyway. If done correctly, the Hero will be inside a house. When the game is started, they will be surrounded by darkness if done incorrectly. If they do not start inside the house, they must look around until they see a house with invisible walls. Walk towards the house to teleport into it. This process can be sped up by using a "summon creature" spell to teleport inside.

When in the house, the Hero must go through the door that should be located right in front of them. This will lead to test area that contains the mace, which should have a fire in the center of the five houses. Inside the circle, in the center of the houses, is the Mace of Doom, which can be multiplied.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • To exit the testing area, simply fast travel to any location.
  • It is recommended that the Hero does not leave anything inside the chests in Frostcrag Spire; anything inside of the tower will disappear. Leaving items on the floor and then removing the plug-in will not make the items disappear.
  • Be sure to create backup saves before attempting this, as this may cause the save to become bugged.
  • Do not collect the Sigil Stone from the house on the left. Doing so will spam leveled Sigil Stones into your inventory.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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