Not to be confused with Mach-Neeus.
"Books. I sell books. Go ahead. Look. Buy some."

Mach-Na quote

Mach-Na is the Argonian owner of Mach-Na's Books in Cheydinhal. She is an Apprentice mercantile trainer. She has 1200 GoldIcon and offers a unique scroll called "Chronicle of Sacrifice."


When asked about rumors, the other residents of Cheydinhal may describe her as rude.


Cheydinhal (When disposition is low): "Concerning this, I can only speak to a friend."
Cheydinhal (With a disposition above 70): "Imperials hate Dark Elves; Dark Elves hate Imperials. Imperials hate that a no-name Hlaalu trader got made into a count. Andel Indarys doesn't help his case by having a prat for a son, and a wife that dies in very suspicious circumstances. Our Dark Elves left Morrowind to get away from the Church and State, and they don't like it when Imperials get all holy and patriotic with them. Of course, local Dark Elves tend to be money-grubbing, alcoholic low-brows with little education or culture. Since I read a lot, and speak well, and don't drink brandy from milk pails, I guess I qualify as an Imperial. But on the whole, I like Cheydinhal's Dark Elves better than I like the the Imperials, so go figure..."
Grey Fox: "Blasted thief. I hope they string him up when they catch him. He's a slippery one, though. The beggars are his eyes and ears."
Rumors: "I think Tertia Viducia has a good supply of light armor."


  • If pickpocketed, she carries a book called Advances in Lockpicking, which will raise one's Security level. This is best done while she is asleep.
  • Despite being female, some residents of Cheydinhal may refer to her as a "grumpy old man" in conversation.


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